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Download Free I-6 Invite Sunday School Training Materials

Learn the six-lane strategy for making your Sunday school ministry inviting. From David Francis

This is the place to download free I-6 Invite Sunday school training materials for every age group.

I-6 Invite: A Six-Lane Strategy Toward

I-6 Invite: A Six-Lane Strategy Toward an Inviting Sunday School teaches the first dimension of a balanced Sunday School. The booklet is the second in a series by Lifeway Sunday School Director David Francis. On this page you can download the complete booklet in PDF form, plus teaching plans, presentations, worksheets and handouts - all absolutely free! You will also find a link to an online orientation video that explains the six lanes of the I-6 strategy.

This book explores the Invite dimension of The 3D Sunday School strategy in greater depth. The other two dimensions are

The Discover Triad: Three Facets of a Dynamic Sunday School Class

Connect3: The Power of One Sunday School Class

Lifeway Sunday School Director David Francis explains the "six lanes" involved in the ongoing process of developing inviting Sunday School classes. Each of the six aspects interacts with the others, just like the lanes on a highway. I-6 is a call to teamwork to churches that are willing to incorporate the intent of making their Sunday School ministry a more inviting one. Use the following resources freely, train your leaders in their principles, and start inviting!

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Download training materials

Age-group and general training plan packets are provided as compressed ZIP files. Please consult your computer user documentation on the best method for extracting these files. Many computers will extract them automatically. Each packet includes a teaching plan (PDF), class handouts (PDF), and a presentation file to use during the class session (PPT).