Sermon series: God's Story, Part I

  1. The Baptist Faith and Message: Mankind - Genesis 1

  2. [Abraham, Called of God - Genesis 12](/en/articles/sermon-abraham-called of-god-genesis-12)

  3. The Forward Movement of God's Plan - Exodus 1

  4. Misusing God's Name - Exodus 20

  5. When God Leads the Way - Exodus 33

Scriptures: Exodus 1

As a child of God you are not where you are by accident. God has either directed you to where you are or He has allowed you, because of your own choices, to be where you are.

And regardless of where you may find yourself this morning, whether it is in a time of prosperity, a time of persecution, a season of pleasure or a period of pain, God not only knows where you are, but wants to use your circumstances to move His plan forward and to bring glory to Himself. This is true in the life of individual believers, it is true of churches and it was true of the nation of Israel. This is one of the most basic messages of the book of Exodus.

  1. First of all we must recognize that Exodus is a book of profound theology.

  2. Secondly, as we begin to study Exodus we must understand that much of this book is classified as historical narrative.

  3. Finally, as we begin to study Exodus, we need to recognize that it is a continuation of the book of Genesis.

This brings us to our text, Exodus Chapter one. I would first draw your attention to four specific things in this chapter and then, at the end, we will make several observations with a view toward application.

I. God moves His plan forward through the past

There are two pitfalls we must avoid as we consider our past.

  1. First, we must not disregard the past – The past demonstrates how God will work in the future.

  2. Secondly, we must not get stuck in the past – The past is a guidepost to the tomorrow, not a hitching post to yesterday.

God moves His plan forward through the way He has worked in our past.

II. God moves His plan forward through His provision - v. 1

Notice here; again in verse one, the word Egypt. Whenever we hear the words Israelites and Egypt together we are tempted to think of their captivity. But when God sent the Israelites into Egypt, it was not for them to be persecuted, but it was for their provision.

III. God moves His plan forward through our pain

In order for us to understand the full impact of verse 8 it is necessary for us to understand something about Egyptian history.

But in the midst of our difficulties, when we are tempted to fear those who are causing the pain, we must remember that it is God who we must fear. Which brings me to my next point….

IV. God moves His plan forward through our obedience - vv. 15-22

In the midst of difficulties, it is easy to be tempted to compromise. It is easy to be tempted to try and appease those who are causing our pain, even when we know that doing so would be the wrong thing. But what is called for during difficult times is steadfast obedience, something God will always bless.

There are two questions we must ask as we seek to apply this teaching.

  1. First, how does it apply to us as individuals? This morning God is calling each of us to look at our past, to see all He has done for you, and to use that understanding to point you toward the future. You are not where you are by accident. God wants to show you how where you’ve been has prepared you for where He wants to take you.

  2. Secondly, how does this apply to us as a church?

Dr. Calvin Wittman is pastor of Applewood Baptist Church, Wheat Ridge, Colorado. He serves as a trustee at Criswell College, and regularly contributes to Open Windows, a monthly LifeWay devotional publication.