A lot of people make a resolution on New Year’s Day, saying, “I’m going to read my Bible every day this year.” Now, there’s a lot to unpack there, but we want to focus on how wonderful it is that so many have the desire to draw closer to God. And we want to help!

Chronological Reading

Chronological Bibles and reading plans aim to take readers through the story of the Bible in the historical order of events. This format takes into account the connection between stories in different books as well as the date in which these books were written. The CSB Day-by-Day Chronological Bible is a great choice if you want to read the Bible in this way.

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Daily Reading

Some Bibles and plans, like the CSB Every Day with Jesus Daily Bible and the CSB Reading the Bible in 90 Days plan, aim to walk through the entire Word of God with specific passages to read every day. These plans work very well for people who enjoy regiment and following a schedule.

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Scripture Notebooks

The CSB Scripture Notebooks allow readers the space to journal their thoughts and prayers alongside the passages they are meditating on that day. This allows for deep reflection as we study the Word, and it helps to anchor our thoughts to a specific time and place and passage. These are great for those whose time in the Word is most fruitful when they are able to write and/or doodle as they talk to God.

The Old & New Testament Handbooks

These elegant, full-color Bible handbooks include robust summary content, charts, maps, word studies, illustrations, and more for every book of the Bible.

Constructed with high-quality cloth cover materials and a sewn binding, the Old Testament Handbooks and New Testament Handbooks are designed to last a lifetime as valuable companion resources for Bible study, teaching, and ongoing discipleship.

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