Building a strong childhood ministry takes time. Five areas need to be addressed: job descriptions, screening policy, hygiene policy, enlisting leaders, and a training strategy. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

  • Write job descriptions for your teachers and directors that clearly define what is expected of them.

  • Develop screening procedures for all volunteer teachers.

  • Develop hygiene policies to protect leaders and children.

  • The task of enlistment is a continual process with no quick fixes. Start with prayer and start early. Read more about enlisting leaders in Enlistment Tools and Tips.

  • Develop a leadership training strategy with a manual that includes age-group information, your vision or philosophy for childhood ministry and your hygiene and security policies. The resources listed below will help you as you develop your training strategy.

Ministry training tools

Levels of Bible Skills and Levels of Biblical Learning are two tools to help you as you enlist teachers, conduct leadership and/or parent-teacher meetings, and any time you want to share with someone how important it is for boys and girls to have a biblical foundation for life. You might want to purchase the large posters for ministry promotion in hallways or bulletin boards and download the free handouts to use in leadership training.

Levels of Biblical Learning shows (in easy chart form) when the biblical concepts of God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Bible, Creation, Family, Self, Church, Community/World, and Salvation are presented in Lifeway dated and undated resources during the birth through preteen years.

Levels of Bible Skills is for grown-ups who want to help kids learn how to use their Bible. Includes tips for Bible skills with preschoolers, choosing a child's Bible, using Scripture memory with children, and six activities to help children develop Bible knowledge and skills.