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Visioneering Studios @LifeWay is LifeWay’s exclusive provider of architecture, engineering and construction services for church facilities. We believe environments can affect one’s eternal destination; that done right, they can enhance both horizontal and vertical relationships with The Creator and His creation. Our church designs are not temples where God stays neatly tucked away, but more like postmodern Jacob’s wells, where we hope to attract today’s version of the Samaritan woman, where God chose to bust through time and space to meet her and change her forever. We help churches envision, design, and build environments that contribute to that happening over and over again in a third millennium context.

Rather than simply designing generic containers where form follows function, our designs are more about telling your story so that “form follows faith”. Acting as cultural anthropologists to discover and design around the story of your Christ-centered community, we discover how this particular “finger on the body of Christ” does its thing, and build around that “big idea” with a soil-specific design.

Incorporating the benefit of years of experience we master-plan using principles of new urbanism, including seven-day a week mixed-use facilities that redeem place and space for the greatest Kingdom usefulness. We design and build multi-sensory destinations that shine a light into the community in a way that best fits that local expression of the body of Christ, bringing shalom (God’s peace) to the local context through destinations that lift the spirit, now and forever.

This extension of LifeWay’s ministry serves churches through a separate corporate structure in order to provide licensed services throughout the U.S. and around the world. Visioneering Studios currently serves clients out of six hubs. In addition to the one co-located with LifeWay in Nashville, TN we have operations in Irvine, CA; Seattle, WA; Denver, CO; Dallas, TX; and Charlotte, NC.

We welcome inquiries and invite you to discover how we can help address the physical needs of your church starting with a clear vision for future facilities that make the most of your opportunities.

Visioneering Studios @ LifeWay
1 LifeWay Plaza
Nashville, Tennessee 37211
Phone: (888) 539-1957

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