Women's Leadership Training

Get Leadership Training for Your Ministry and Everyday Life

Leadership can look like teaching a Bible study, and it can also look like spending time with your family or coworkers. That's why Lifeway Women is committed to coming alongside you with comprehensive training for everyday life and ministry.

From inspiring events and informative webinars to insightful articles and rich theological courses, every resource is designed to equip you to lead where God has placed you.

Ministry to Women Newsletter

Get exclusive giveaways, tips for growing as a leader, resources, and more!

You Lead Webinar

Free webinars featuring relevant leadership topics.

You Lead

A one-day event of practical training for ministry and daily life.

Women's Leadership Forum

The destination event for women's ministry leaders featuring dynamic worship sessions, practical breakout sessions, networking with like-minded women, and much more!

Women's Academy

Learn to confidently study and teach the Bible with online courses for women, by women on hermeneutics, theology, practical ministry, and more.


Two and a half days of training and coaching for those with less than 3 years of ministry experience. Lodging and conference programming covered by Lifeway.

Email: womensministry@lifeway.com for details