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Younger Kids

Younger Kids are:

  • seeing Jesus as a friend and helper
  • enjoying learning from the Bible
  • beginning to have a simple understanding of sin
  • seeing consequences to sin
  • beginning to have a simple understanding of the gospel
  • knowing the right answers but may not understand application
  • interested in finding out more about God and Jesus and His plan of salvation
  • using the Bible to ask questions about God
  • making life application of Bible verses
  • starting to make conclusions about God


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God Concept

God is perfect.

God is Creator and worthy to be praised.

God is everywhere.

God hears and answers prayer.

God helps and provides for His people.

God shows love to His people.

God loves people enough to provide forgiveness for their wrong choices.

God tells people to worship Him and tell others about Him.

God expects people to obey, respect, and honor Him.

God is powerful and in control of all things.

God is fair and can be trusted.

God knows all things.

God is real, the only true God.

God is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Jesus Concept

Jesus was God in human form.

Prophets in the Old Testament told that Jesus would be born. Jesus is the Messiah who fulfilled Old Testament prophecies.

Jesus understands what it is like to be human.

Jesus worshiped God.

Jesus taught through His life what God is like.

Jesus raised people from the dead.

People who love Jesus want to obey Him.

Jesus died on the cross, and God raised Him from the dead.

Jesus was sent to be my Savior.

Jesus was tempted but did not sin.

Jesus ascended to heaven but promised He would return one day.

Jesus was with God at creation.

Holy Spirit Concept

The Holy Spirit is a special helper.

The Holy Spirit helps people understand God's plan for salvation.

The Holy Spirit helps people in times of trouble.

The Holy Spirit has always worked in the world.

The Holy Spirit helps Christians tell others about Jesus.

The Holy Spirit led people to write the Bible.

God sent the Holy Spirit to help us know when we sin.

Bible Concept

Bible truths never change.

The Bible helps people know more about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

God helped people know what to write in the Bible.

The Bible teaches that Jesus died on a cross, was buried, and was raised from the dead.

The Bible teaches how God wants people to live.

Salvation Concept

God provided a way for people to become Christians because He loves them.

God sent His only Son, Jesus, to be the only Savior of the world.

Sin is choosing my way and disobeying God.

Jesus took the punishment for people's sins.

People who trust Jesus as their Savior and Lord are Christians.

God will forgive people when they ask Him.

Creation Concept

God created the world from nothing.

God created everyone to be like Him and to have a relationship with Him.

God planned and provided for His creation.

God planned for people to care for His world.

God is still at work in His creation.

God is to be praised for His creation.

God made people able to love Him and others.

Church Concept

The church is more than a building; it is Christians who gather to worship and serve God.

Church leaders are chosen to teach about God and Jesus.

The church meets the needs of people.

God wants people to gather to worship Him.

The money people give at church is called tithes and offerings.

The Lord's Supper is a special event at church. People can remember Jesus when they see the Lord's Supper being observed.

Baptism shows that people have trusted in Jesus as Savior.

People Concept

Birth and growth are part of God's plan.

People are God's most important creation.

God helps people make good choices.

God wants people to use their talents and abilities in ways that please and honor Him.

God wants people to pray and read the Bible daily.

People can follow Jesus' example by obeying God.

God helps me love others, both friends and enemies.

Good and bad happen to people, but God still loves them.

God has a plan for every person's life.

God wants people to live every day in ways that please and honor Him.

People need to take care of their bodies because God created them.

God helps me obey what is written in the Bible.

God helps me know when I have hurt others. I can ask them to forgive me.

God wants our actions, attitudes, thoughts, and words to be good.

God wants all people to follow Jesus' example.

Family Concept

God's plan for mothers and fathers is to be examples of God's love.

God's plan for families is for them to love, respect, and help one another.

God tells children to respect and obey their parents.

God wants families to worship at home and other places.

In a marriage, a man and a woman make promises to God and each other.

God loves families and wants families to love and forgive each other when difficult things happen.

World Concept

God values all people.

God works through people to do His work in their communities and world.

Christians are called to tell the people all over the world about Jesus.

People can pray for people all over the world.

The Bible tells me to love others in my community and world.

Missionaries are called by God to tell another group of people the Good News about Jesus.