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Younger Kids

Middle Preschool are:

  • identifying some Bible people and stories
  • understanding that God, Jesus, and the church are special
  • beginning to develop a conscience and are sensitive to feelings of shame and guilt
  • retelling Bible stories
  • recognizing that God and Jesus love people and help people in special ways
  • expressing love for God and Jesus


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God Concept

God is good to me.

God made everything.

God loves people and is with them.

God hears me when I pray.

God helps people.

God shows His love to me.

God loves me even when I make wrong choices.

God tells me to sing and pray to Him.

God tells me to do what He says.

God can do anything.

God does what He says He will do.

God knows everything about me.

God is real.

Jesus Concept

God sent Jesus to earth.

Angels told Mary and Joseph that Jesus would be born.

Jesus grew like me and had a family.

Jesus learned about God by reading the Scriptures.

Jesus taught people what God is like.

Jesus healed sick people.

Jesus loves people.

Jesus is God's Son.

Jesus always obeyed God.

Jesus is with God.

Holy Spirit Concept

Concept statements from the God concept area lay a foundation for later learning about the work of the Holy Spirit. Examples of those statements are:

God helps people. (Acts 1:8)

God shows His love to people. (John 15:13)

God loves people and is with them. (1 Corinthians 3:16)

God shows His love to me. (John 3:16)

Bible Concept

The stories in the Bible are true and really happened.

The Bible teaches us what God is like.

People wrote God's words in the Bible.

The Bible teaches what Jesus did.

The Bible teaches me right from wrong.

Salvation Concept

God sent Jesus because He loves us.

God sent Jesus because He cares about us.

People make wrong choices.

Creation Concept

God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh.

God made people different from the other things He made.

God cares for His creation.

God has people to care for His creation.

God wants me to like His creation, too.

God wants me to thank Him for the things He made.

God made people able to love.

Church Concept

People use the Bible to learn about God and Jesus at church.

People at church love each other and teach about God and Jesus.

People at church help others.

People at church worship by singing, talking to God, and listening to Bible stories.

People give money at church.

Jesus had a special meal with His friends.

The Bible has stories about baptism.

People Concept

God helps me grow.

God made me, so I am special.

God allows me to make right and wrong choices.

God made me able to think, work, and play.

God loves for me to pray.

God helps me grow like Jesus grew.

God helps me to be kind to my friends.

God will always love me.

God has a plan for each person.

God helps me do what He says.

God wants people to take care of their bodies.

Jesus taught that I can tell others I'm sorry when I hurt them.

God wants people to learn from Jesus.

Family Concept

God's plan for families is in the Bible.

God wants family members to love and help one another.

God's plan is for children to do what their parents tell them to do.

Families talk to God and read the Bible.

God loves families even when bad things happen.

World Concept

God made people alike and different.

God helps all people.

People tell others about God and Jesus.

People can pray for others.

People are important to God.

Missionaries are people who tell other people about God and Jesus.