Games by Lifeway Students

Trustworthy, Age-Appropriate Games for Students

When you put students and games together, the first word that comes to mind is FUN. But there are so many more reasons to play games with students: to break the ice, quickly connect, and cultivate relationships. Games bring youth ministries, families, and students together—which is why we’ve created four trustworthy, age-appropriate games for students to enjoy:

  • A lively ranking game called Rank! (ages 10+)

  • Triptych, a fast-paced matching game (ages 8+)

  • A hilarious “Would you rather” game with Predictable (ages 12+)

  • A beautifully illustrated matching game, NAME (which also teaches 44 of the names of God!) (ages 7+)

These games are perfect for family game nights, camps and retreats, and your weekly youth ministry gathering! May they lead to more laughs, more conversations, more friendships, and even more exciting gatherings this year. Have fun!