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Lifeway One Source endorses Color Craft Directory Services as the premier provider of the finest quality church directories available. For more than 40 years, Color Craft has personally worked with churches nationwide creating and custom designing directories. Color Craft now offers many directory options and services to better accommodate your church. There is never a required minimum number of families for Color Craft to provide your church with a directory. Color Craft works with each church no matter the size of the congregation. Every church receives the same directory services.

Each Directory Includes:

  • Color Craft custom designing the directory with you and your staff

  • Cover Page

  • Pastor Page

  • Activity Pages

  • Family Pages

  • Military Acknowledgement

  • Roster

  • Active Mobile and Desktop Directory

Color Craft is extremely passionate about your directory. They strive to provide your church, your church staff, and especially your church families with the easiest and most modern directory options and services available.   

Color Craft has an option to start your directory TODAY.

A church directory memorializes the life and history of a congregation by providing an enduring memory of each family enabling members to remember special occasions, anniversaries, mission trips, church staff, church activities and church history.

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