Comparing Vans and Buses

Find out which one wins in the battle for safety and comfort. The Bus Center and Lifeway OneSource want to make sure you find the right vehicle for your church or organization.

Finding Safety and Comfort

We know the safety and comfort of your passengers are the most important factors to consider during your search. We believe that a 15-passenger bus is both safer and more comfortable for your passengers than a traditional 15-passenger van.

A 15-passenger bus is safer and more comfortable for a number of reasons:
Dual rear wheels and wider wheel base decrease risk of rollover Steel cage construction protects passengers better than van construction in the event of an accident Center aisle At least 22 more inches in interior headroom Lower entry step Entry-assist handles In addition to increased safety and comfort, a 15-passenger bus is less expensive to own and operate than a 15-passenger van. Insurance rates are typically lower for a bus than for a van and there is a higher residual value at the end of a lease, meaning you get significantly lower lease payments.

Some manufacturers are making safer options of passenger vans such as the Ford Transit and the Mercedes Sprinter. Both feature a lower floor and wider wheelbase. However, a bus is still the safest option for your passengers.

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