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How Far Will You Go to Bring Friends With Disabilities to Jesus?

The biblical account of the paralyzed man and his faithful friends epitomizes this unwavering resolve to bring all people to Jesus...

Is Your Church Welcoming to People with Disabilities?

Virtually every Protestant pastor and churchgoer believes a person with a disability would feel at home at their church, but fewer are taking active steps to ensure this is the case...

5 Things Special Needs Families Need From Their Church

It doesn’t have to feel hard to support a special needs family. Just take the steps of presence, provision, promise, prayers, and partnership...

3 Ways to Help Kids with Disabilities Feel More Comfortable at Church

How can churches take steps to help kids with disabilities feel more comfortable in our worship services? Here are a few ideas...

Becoming A Special Needs Friendly Church

Jana Magruder is joined by weekly guests to discuss ways to be a special needs friendly church.

Becoming A Special Needs Friendly Church - Episode 1

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Ongoing Curriculum

Need Special Needs activities for this week?

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Spot-On Special Needs Activities is designed to resource Kids Ministry leaders to lead and disciple kids and families. Activities include great inclusion tips to meet the needs of every child involved. Based on the Levels of Biblical Learning® concept areas, each activity helps build a strong, biblical foundation for each child in your ministry. This book is designed to provide fun, practical, and understandable activities that you can use with one child or fifty to build their understanding and knowledge of the Bible!

Special Features

  • An in-depth look at teaching a class with a variety of special needs

  • Foundational Bible story and biblical concept suggestions to help when supplementing curriculum

  • Key inclusion tips and family suggestions included to meet the needs of each child and family