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No one knows your ministry better than you.

When it comes to ministry, you are uniquely gifted to choose Bible Study lessons that magnify the Word of God in the hearts of your kids. You know what makes them cry, what sends them into a pile of giggles, what activities bore them and engage them. Most importantly, you know what grows their faith.

Every Lifeway Kids curriculum equips you to lead your kids with trustworthy content that is rooted in Scripture. Christ-centered Bible studies, topical Bible studies, or book-by-book Bible studies—whatever teaching style fits your ministry—we have a resource to match your needs. Select your style below to find the right curriculum for your ministry.

What’s your starting point for Bible teaching?

Do you want to:

Show them the big picture?

The Gospel Project for Kids unites the big story and big truths of Scripture as we trace the storyline of the gospel from Genesis to Revelation. Kids learn that the common thread in every biblical story is Jesus.

Weekly content is supported by Lifeway’s Big Picture Questions and Answers, a guide that helps leaders answer 76 questions kids and preschoolers ask about theology.

Put the Word in action?

Bible Studies for Life: Kids applies the Bible to kids’ lives in an age-appropriate and intentional way, supported by a discipleship framework called the Levels of Biblical Learning®.

Lifeway’s Levels of Biblical Learning® walks you through 10 biblical concept areas broken out into six different age groups, helping you lead kids at a spiritual level that matches their physical growth.

Take it verse by verse?

Explore the Bible: Kids invites kids to experience the text in its context, book by book, and develop Bible skills that will help them navigate truth for the rest of their lives.

Every Bible study session includes skill-developing activities supported by Lifeway’s Bible Skills for Kids.

Focus on identity in Christ?

Hyfi’s study plan is built on 12 simple, biblical truths in a continuous month-over-month scope and sequence, allowing subscribers to jump in at any time.

This curriculum, delivered entirely digitally, provides relational connection alongside digital facilitation and is flexible, faithful, and fun.

Which study is right for you?

Still curious about which brand works for your ministry? Contrast and compare to see which best fits your needs!

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