Bible Studies for Life: Adult - Summer

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Bible Studies for Life is designed to help adult groups make disciples through comprehensive, in-depth Bible study. Each year, this series addresses the eight spiritual markers found in maturing believers to ensure that participants are getting a balanced approach to discipleship.

The summer studies are Promises We Can Count On (which examines six of the covenants God established in Scripture) and More Than a Sidekick: Serving Alongside Others (which looks at seven individuals in Scripture who played significant roles as servants). A special focus session is also included titled Praying for Our Nation. This study of 2 Chronicles 7 helps us see that God desires to bless our country with His guidance and presence, but it calls for us to humble ourselves before Him in repentance and submission. (13 sessions)

Disciple Your Adults Digitally

Ministry Grid's simple, churchwide online platform makes Lifeway’s digital curriculum easy to:

  • Curate, customize, and create content based on your church’s needs

  • Easily share and distribute resources and trainings 

  • Disciple people in a group or at home