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Bible Studies for Life: KJV Adult Updates

This fall, choose from three KJV resources.

Beginning in Fall 2023, churches can make the shift from the retired KJV Adults resource to any of these three KJV options.

Bible Studies for Life KJV

Adult Personal Study Guide/Leader Guide (KJV)

  • Regular-sized print
  • Best choice for groups with a wide age range
  • Groups can now use CSB, NIV, and KJV in the same classroom

SAMPLE - Personal Study Guide  |  SAMPLE - Leader Guide

Bible Studies for Life Senior KJV

Senior Adult Personal Study Guide/Leader Guide (KJV)

  • Geared to an older audience
  • Matches the look and style of the former KJV Adults
    • Large-print format
    • More commentary than Adult (KJV)

SAMPLE - Personal Study Guide  |  SAMPLE - Leader Guide

Bible Studies for Life KJV Daily Discipleship Guide

Daily Discipleship Guide (KJV)

  • Regular-sized print
  • Five daily readings
  • Best resource for continued learning all week
  • Especially geared for younger adults

SAMPLE - Daily Discipleship Guide  |  SAMPLE - Leader Guide

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The Fall 2023 materials will be available for purchase in May 2023. Autoship orders for KJV Adults Personal Study Guides and Leader Guides will be automatically transitioned to Senior Adult (KJV) titles. Manage your autoship order here.

Other News for Fall 2023

Advanced Bible Study


Name Transition

The Herschel Hobbs Commentary is being rebranded as the Advanced Bible Study (KJV). You can now use this commentary and take full advantage of the Advanced Bible Study Teacher Guide.

Bible Studies for Life Group Box

Adults Group Box (KJV)

Simplify your ordering process and save money with the Adults Group Box. Get all this in one discounted package:

  • 10 Adult Personal Study Guides
  • Adult Leader Guide
  • Leader Pack
  • Advanced Bible Study (formerly Herschel Hobbs Commentary)
  • All for $75.99
  • 15% savings!