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The Battle Plan for Prayer - Video Session 1 - Buy




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The Battle Plan for Prayer Bible Study - Video Sessions (for individual viewing) by Alex & Stephen Kendrick are 8 individual, downloadable sessions from the group Bible study.

  • Session 1: Devoted to Prayer. Prayer is much more than a religious activity - it is power. We often think that prayer is too hard or we feel inadequate. We struggle with prayer. But you learn to pray by praying. We need to remember that prayer is a powerful weapon and it is more powerful than any of our man-made solutions. Prayer has purpose and is about our relationship with God. Lasting change happens through prayer as we commune with God. (17:58)
  • Session 2: Scheduled and Spontaneous Prayer. One of the hardest things to do is guard your prayer life. But in Scripture it says to pray without ceasing. God wants us to be devoted to prayer with both scheduled and spontaneous prayers. He wants to make a commitment and keep prayer a priority with both our time and attitude. (21:00)
  • Session 3: Types of Prayer. What does prayer look like? How does it impact and change our lives? Learn more about the various types of prayer including adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication. More importantly, learn more about the heart of God and His desire for us to be people of prayer. (26:17)
  • Session 4: Locks and Keys of Prayer. Prayer is not about a religion or ritual, it is about a relationship. If we want to pray effectively we need to approach God on His terms, not on our terms. There are certain things that do hinder our prayers. But we can also please God and unlock those hindrances with repentance and righteousness. (22:18)
  • Session 5: Spiritual Warfare. We have a very real enemy based on Ephesians 6:10-18 and other Scripture passages. In this session we learn more about this opponent, adversary, and deceiver. Jesus acknowledged this enemy - He talked about him and with him. It is clear that this enemy is strategic and desires to hinder our faith and our example to others. It is time for us to stand against him and experience victory through Christ and prayer. (20:33)
  • Session 6: Praying in Faith. When you pray do you believe the Lord is going to answer your prayers? Praying in faith sometimes involves waiting. However, waiting upon the Lord is not inactive time. It is not passive. It is an active opportunity for us to be engaged in the things of God. (26:43)
  • Session 7: Praying Specifically and Strategically. In this session we learn more about how we are to pray strategically and specifically. God wants us to pray His Word. The Word of God is the main key to prayer. When we pray according to the Word of God our hearts are changed and our prayers are heard. (23:56)
  • Session 8: Prayer Strategies. We are surrounded by a needy world. We can't meet all of those needs by our strength, but we know a God who can. God calls on us to pray for those around us including those we love and those we don't know. We are to have a strategy to pray for believers and non-believers. We are to pray for all people and nations. (26:21)
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