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Isaiah - Video Streaming - Teen Group


Striving Less and Trusting God More



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Isaiah: Striving Less and Trusting God More - Teen Group includes streaming access to 7 teaching sessions by Melissa Spoelstra for group viewing. This product includes 3 transferable licenses with perpetual video access for group leaders.*

Strive less, trust more.
While it may sound simple, the book of Isaiah teaches us the life-changing truth that following God isn’t about our own effort; it’s about trusting God. Period. Maybe you even know this on some level, but do you live like you really believe it?

Isaiah served as God’s mouthpiece to the nation of Judah but also to the surrounding nations. His message echoes into our lives today as we read his call to rely on the Lord. Using the genres of poetry, narrative, and prophecy, Isaiah communicated clearly that followers of God could trust in Him.

As you study the chapters Isaiah wrote—from his challenging words to the nation of Israel to his prophecies of the Messiah to come—learn to rest in God's promises and grow in trust. Unpacking Isaiah’s words will reveal that you can trust God more than your own human effort or the counterfeits the world suggests. You won’t be striving harder, but instead trusting more deeply the Faithful One who is so worthy of our utter dependence. In Him you'll find the comfort and peace you need to sustain you.

In this 7-session study, author Melissa Spoelstra encourages you to let go of striving and learn to trust God’s character, His comfort, and even His correction. As you study the book of Isaiah, you’ll see again and again that trust is the heartbeat of your relationship with God.

Video Sessions:

  • Session One: Introducing Isaiah (22:38)—In this overview video, Melissa provides background information for the prophet Isaiah, his biblical book, and what was happening to God’s people when the book was written. She explains that the book of Isaiah is an invitation to strive less and trust God more.
  • Session Two: Trust God’s Character (21:46)—Melissa teaches that because God is holy, sovereign, powerful, and so much more as seen in the pages of Isaiah, we can live surrendered to Him and His plans for us. Through the image of a potter crafting his clay, Melissa reminds us that God is in control, and He cares about the details of your life.
  • Session Three: Trust God’s Calendar (29:07)—In this session, Melissa offers encouragement and instruction for how to trust God’s timetable. Although seasons of waiting are hard, the story of Hezekiah shows that realigning to God’s truth through His Word and prayer are the keys to trusting Him with the waiting.
  • Session Four: Trust God’s Comfort (25:28)—Melissa explains that where you turn for comfort will either weaken or strengthen you spiritually. God wants to renew your strength and offers His presence alongside you, as He did for His people while they lived in exile during Isaiah’s day.
  • Session Five: Trust God’s Commands (20:32)—Through the pages of Isaiah, Melissa helps us see that our holy God calls His people to holy living. With the prophecy of the Suffering Servant in Isaiah 53, Melissa reminds us that Jesus died for our sins, and this act of love motivates us to follow Him in obedience.
  • Session Six: Trust God’s Correction (25:56)—God loves His children, and He often uses correction and discipline to draw them back to Him. This is the heart of Melissa’s teaching in Session Six, as she highlights sections of Isaiah where God corrected the sins of His people and challenges us to welcome His warnings in our lives today.
  • Session Seven: Trust God’s Coming (20:14)—Melissa ends her study with the hope of Jesus’s return. The last chapters of Isaiah point forward to Jesus’s power and justice, and through studying these texts Melissa helps us see what it looks like for us to trust God today while looking forward to His return.

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*Video access will remain as long as this study is in print.

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