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Flip the Script


Disrupting Tradition for the Sake of the Next Generation



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When it comes to connecting the gospel to our current culture, are we reading from an old script?

Kids and students today are swimming in a worldview of secular influence—where belief in God is understood to be one possibility among several options. Many kids today do not approach the Bible with the same beliefs as previous generations on issues such as an absolute right or wrong, the existence of heaven and hell, or that there is an outside authority that supersedes personal truth.

How do we reach this generation of kids and students?

Perhaps the solution lies in teaching the same timeless truth of the gospel wrapped in new strategies for welcoming kids and students with intentional, radical hospitality that helps them feel known and breaks down barriers that could prevent them from responding to the gospel and experiencing spiritual transformation.

Flip the Script will:

• help you understand the cultural worldview kids and students are facing today and the challenges of ministering to this generation with traditional strategies.

• offer a relationship-first approach that fast-forwards kids and students to the place where they are open to hear and understand the gospel

• present key biblical truths to help kids and students discover their identity is found not in who they say they are, but in who God is

• introduce new starting points to help reach kids and students in today’s culture.

The strategies presented in Flip the Script are not just for kids and students. These are whole-church strategies that reach every member of the church. The epidemic of not feeling included or wrestling with identity is not an issue isolated to kids and students—it is a cultural issue facing every person in the church.

This is a thought-leadership book for your whole church leadership team. Get your copy today.


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