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Steps: Gospel-Centered Recovery
Give someone 12 steps and they may overcome addiction.
Give them the Gospel and they've overcome the world.

STEPS: Gospel-Centered Recovery

A 13-Session Discipleship Program for Small Groups

Steps is a gospel-centered recovery resource that takes people to the root of sin and suffering and leads them to embrace the freedom found only in Christ's redemption. Based on a successful program at The Village Church and featuring teaching videos from Pastor Matt Chandler, this 13-session discipleship tool is essential for Christian counselors, support groups, and recovery ministries.

Steps is about discipleship.

At the end of the day, Steps enables us to create a culture in which the ongoing ethics of confession and repentance take root in the life of the church.

Most people hear the word recovery and think of major addictions. But we all wrestle with something: anger, gossip, greed... To embrace the freedom found only in Christ's redemption, we must get to the root of sin and suffering. Building on the incomplete truths of traditional recovery programs, Steps helps disciples see these truths through the light of Scripture and a personal relationship with Jesus.

The Components

Steps consists of daily Bible study and reflection, one-on-one mentoring, sharing in small groups, and a large-group teaching time.

  • Small Groups - Biblical Community

    Relationships are necessary components to our spiritual growth. During the first hour of each week's group session, participants are divided into small groups. The group leader begins with prayer and then guides discussion.
  • Teaching - Sitting Under the Word

    The second hour is spent in the large group with a related video teaching for the week's study.
  • Mentors - Personal Discipleship

    Mentors are believers who have faithfully completed the Steps program and the necessary training and have developed sufficient spiritual maturity to disciple someone else. Participants and mentors are responsible to meet together weekly.
  • Daily Study - Feeding on the Word

    Daily homework—a combination of Bible study, reflection, and prayer—is required throughout the Steps program. In addition, questions are designed to challenge participants to honestly and prayerfully examine their lives in light of the Scriptures they are studying.
  • Assessment - Equipping in Confession and Repentance

    In the middle of the program, we will transition from homework to assessment work. This is a time of reflecting on and writing about specific sins, situations, and relationships that may be robbing us of the freedom we have in Christ.