Open Your Bible - Bible Study

A 7-session Study From The Women Behind She Reads Truth

Whether you are a seasoned Bible reader or struggle to keep up with studying Scripture, Open Your Bible will leave you with a greater appreciation for the Word of God, a deeper understanding of its authority, and a stronger desire to know the Bible inside and out.

Join Raechel Myers and Amanda Bible Williams, the women behind She Reads Truth, in this 7-session Bible study.

Using powerful storytelling, real-life examples, and Scripture itself, Open Your Bible will quench a thirst you might not even know you have—one that can only be satisfied by God’s Word.

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Open Your Bible Invitation

If you've found this video, it probably means that you got our invitation in the Open Your Bible study. You typed in the link, and here you are! So here's our huge, audacious prayer for this book—a secret hope we’ve been excitedly waiting to share with you!

Our prayer is this: as you discover that the Bible is for you and for now, we pray you’ll invite other women into this same life-changing truth.