Family Advent Devotional

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'Twas the Month Before Christmas...

It’s hard to find a human being who isn’t moved or captivated by a good story. This is because we are created to live in a story—the Christian story.

People are both drawn to stories and shaped by stories. But given our bent toward sin, away from the one true story, we often find ourselves caught up in the false stories of our culture. Amid the chaos and busyness of everyday life, we buy into false narratives such as consumerism, secularism, nationalism, progressivism, and cynicism. Though we may not confess these stories to be true with our mouths, we act as if they are true with our lives. During Advent, we can press into the story of Jesus’ birth and allow it to reorient our hearts and minds toward Christ.

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Week 1: Hope [5:02]

Matt and Lauren begin our study by talking about hope—one of the four main themes of the Advent season. We see hope throughout the Bible—in the Old Testament as God’s people await their Savior, hope fulfilled in the New Testament when Jesus comes to earth, and hope then and now that He will one day return again.

Week 2: Peace [4:01]

In this week’s video Matt and Lauren talk about peace—the theme for our second week of Advent. In a season that tends to bring chaos and anxiety, we’ll begin to see how the story of Jesus offers overwhelming peace for those who believe in Him.

Week 3: Love [8:13]

In this week’s video, Matt and Lauren talk about love. “Love” is a word we often use loosely, but this week we’ll consider what biblical love really means and how it might change the way we approach this Advent season.

Week 4: Joy [6:53]

In the last video of our study, Matt and Lauren talk about joy. What is the difference between happiness and joy, and what does that mean for us as we near closer and closer to Christmas Day?