Body of Proof Bible Study

The single most important fact of the Christian faith is that Jesus isn’t dead. He was resurrected on a Sunday morning two thousand years ago. That one weekend included His execution, an earthquake, daytime darkness, an uprising, and a miracle unlike any the world had ever seen.

In this four-session Bible study, we’ll look back on that incredible weekend and see why the resurrection of Jesus gives us hope and confidence today.

Two Minute Truth Bethany

Bethany is mentioned 11 times in the New Testament and was a city of refuge for Jesus. Learn more about the fascinating city where Jesus ascended.

Two Minute Truth Mount of Olives

The Bible says that in Jesus’ second coming, He will step foot on the Mount of Olives. Learn More about the Mount of Olives.

Two Minute Truth Jewish Ossuaries

The Jewish Ossuaries reminds us that the resurrection actually happened. Learn More about the Jewish Ossuaries.

Two Minute Truth Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Learn about first-century burial traditions and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Two Minute Truth Herod's Family Tomb

Herod’s tomb allows us to see traces of eye witness testimony throughout the gospels. Learn more about Herod’s tomb.

Two Minute Truth Roman Milestones

The road to Emmaus is where Jesus met his disciples and was tracked by Roman milestones. Learn more about Roman Milestones.

Two Minute Truth First-Century Tombs

First-century tombs remind us what burial times were like during the time of Jesus. Learn more about first-century tombs.