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Student Ministry Essentials


A Unique, In-Person Event For Youth Pastors Who Preach

May 8-10, 2023  |  Nashville, TN


Youth pastors preach. Sharing the message matters because souls matter. Whether you preach to a room of 12 or a crowd of 1,200 the skill of preaching is critical. This unique event is a chance to practice one of the most important things you do.

Preaching better matters. But where are the safe places to practice what we preach? 

The Experience is not another conference to sit and listen, but a 3-day event to practice and learn from leading voices and fellow youth pastors. Each session will be hosted in a unique venue and will offer a new chance to learn, share, and practice what you preach. We want this to be a deep, meaningful, and memorable experience that boosts your preaching for a lifetime.

The Experience will include two nights of lodging in a downtown Nashville hotel, tasty local food, incredible sessions, exclusive swag, and a few more surprises. You will only be responsible for your travel and meals to and from Nashville.

Who is The Experience for?

This event was created for preaching youth pastors, but because it's a new event, we wanted to answer some of your questions.


Are you a youth pastor who preaches?
The Experience is all about the craft of preaching and the art of communication. Whether you call it a message, a talk, or a sermon, the work of preparing, sharing, and delivering is all we are going to be talking about at this event! 

Do you prefer practice over theory?
We are not just going to talk about preaching, we are going to practice it! Each session will have a unique moment for each attendee to participate. And on the last day of the event, we will all preach live.

Do you like smaller events?

We are capping the attendance at 40. Our hope is that this strengthens the bonds and everyone will get a chance to meet all of the other participants and connect with each of our guests. 

Do you mind constructive feedback?
At every session, there will be a chance to participate and lots of room for feedback. We are all going to be stretched because we think that’s the best way to grow. We are all going to put it out there, be a little more vulnerable, and see some huge growth! 

Do you like surprises? 
We have some secrets we want to wait and share with only those who go! 

Can I come back this year if I went last year?

Initially no. We want each session of the Experience to be uniquely memorable for those who attend as first time attendees. Although, we do already have ideas for how to make Experience 2024 more open to those who have already been “Experienced.” 

Does it really help?  

We think so! But don’t take our word for it!   

“Incredibly thankful for the team at Lifeway for putting together a power packed preaching workshop experience. Specific coaching, real-time feedback, and practical tools to enhance message preparation and delivery. Regardless of your experience level, would highly recommend to all student pastors to sharpen the craft that God has given you by participating as it’s allowed me to teach more concisely, creatively, and consistently.” - Jason Mick NextGen Pastor, Prestonwood Baptist Church

What are the details?

When: May 8-10, 2023

  • Check-in starts at 3:00 p.m. on Monday, May 8 
  • Event concludes at 12:00 p.m. Wednesday, May 10

Where: Downtown Nashville, TN

  • Enjoy great food and incredible sights in one of the fastest growing fun cities in America. 

Two – Night Hotel Stay Included

  • We'll be staying in a swanky hotel in south Nashville. It’s nice and close to our new Lifeway headquarters (which you will be some of the first to check out).

All Meals Included

  • Nashville has incredible food, so you can be sure that we'll be feeding you well.


  • Transportation will be provided during the event but you will need to arrange transportation to and from downtown Nashville before and after the event.

Intentionally Small

  • This is not a traditional conference. The speakers are familiar, but the kinds of sessions, the unique venues, and the opportunities to share and preach to a fellowship of fellow preachers is unique.

Limited Spots

  • The experience is exciting because everyone will have a chance to participate, practice what they preach. To do that, we are limiting the number of registrations. This year we are only offering 50 spots for first-time attenders. Last year it sold out quickly, so we would encourage you to sign up sooner than later.

2 Options to Register

  • $299 double occupancy rate**. At this rate you will split a hotel room with an assigned roommate. If you get a friend to sign up for the Experience, we will match you together to share the room.
  • $449 single occupancy rate. At this tier, you will get a private room.

Registration fees are non-refundable for this exclusive event. 
**If you want to pick your roommate (your friend!), you'll be able to do that before the start of the event.

This unique experience is only happening with this crew, in Nashville, this year. It is sure to be a memorable experience that will impact your ministry leadership for years to come.

Who’s already coming? 

Will Cumby  |  Chad Higgins  |  Nathan Howard  |  Mike Keahbone  |  Scott Pace  |  Shane Pruitt  |  Ben Trueblood  |  Jeff Wallace  |  Zac Workun