Digital events that help you and the women around you grow wherever you are.

With tiered prices, our digital events are affordable no matter the size of your group. From individuals with a laptop to small groups gathering around a small screen to hundreds converging in church auditoriums to watch on a big screen, Lifeway Women Digital Events are customizable.

Why Become a Host Church?

  • Impact the women in your church and community for Christ

  • Customize your women's event in an affordable way

  • Experience the excitement of a global event without leaving your hometown

  • Invite women to your church to kick-off your Bible study season

What You Need

  • A device that connects to the Internet

  • A minimum of 5MB continuous download speed

6 Tips for Hosting a Digital Event at Your Church

We want your digital event to be a success, which is why we're here to provide tools, resources, and encouragement every step of the way.

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