This article is an excerpt from The Resolution for Men Bible Study.

All men need accountability. We need to know that others are supporting, encouraging, and praying for us as we walk faithfully before God. This is why we urge men to form The Resolution for Men Groups.

An accountability group is a small group of three to seven men with whom you meet weekly or monthly for encouragement, accountability, and prayer. A group may meet at a church, home, office, or restaurant.

Meetings should start and end in prayer, and each man should feel free to share openly and honestly in this safe circle of believers. Times of accountability should be motivated by love, and yet be firm and direct when necessary.

Be sure to allow time for everyone to have input and for expressing thanks to God for the things He is doing in men's lives. Engaging in time together outside the group can strengthen those relationships.

Consider memorizing Scripture and commit to pray for each other. Choose a leader or group member to facilitate the group each time you meet. Always keep in mind your purpose — not just to socialize but to help each other grow and live for Christ.

As your group begins this study, it is vital to agree on principles that contribute to Christian community and growing more like Christ together. Here are seven principles to consider and adapt for your group:

1. Priority

We will give high priority to group meetings and to the commitments we need to make, especially to God, our church, and our families.

2. Preparation and Participation

We will participate without dominating. We will strive to come to group having read through the study material, ready to discuss it.

3. Respect

Our group will provide a safe place to share our hearts openly without fear of judgment or ridicule. Scripture teaches us to be quick to listen and slow to speak (Jas. 1:19). We will speak the truth in love (Eph. 4:15) and value one another's opinions, while allowing Scripture to help us come to godly conclusions.

4. Confidentiality

In sharing thoughts and feelings related to our home, marriage, and relationship with God, we will keep all information in the strictest confidence. What happens in group time stays in group time. However, no one will be required to share.

5. Life Change

The goal of any small-group experience is transformation. In each session we will identify aspects that need attention in our walk as believers, parents, spouses, and friends.

6. Care and Support

We agree to provide care and encouragement for every member, praying for each other. (Some group members may want to enlist prayer warriors not in the study, but should not reveal anything shared in confidence, positive or negative.)

7. Accountability

We agree to let the members of the group hold us accountable to the commitments we make in whatever loving ways we decide upon. As a group, we choose to commit together to the accountability necessary to stay the course and answer the call to become men who are faithful to what we have resolved.