The term plague is, by definition, something which is always compared to the plagues of Egypt. We hear people speaking of disasters of “biblical proportion,” because for thousands of years now, the ten plagues of Egypt have been benchmarks or standards against which all other disasters have been measured.

There are three specific things I want us to observe about the plagues this morning. First they were miraculous, secondly they were meaningful, that is, God had a specific purpose in each plague, and finally, they were merciful, even in His judgment against Pharaoh, we’ll see God’s mercy displayed.

I. The plagues were miraculous

The Plagues were miracles, they were not natural events. They were miracles preformed by God at a specific time, in a specific place and for a specific purpose.

II. The plagues were meaningful

God’s purposes in the plagues were multifaceted. Let’s examine a couple of them.

  • The plagues demonstrated the futility of worshiping false gods.

  • God used the plague to reveal Himself and make Himself known.

  • But thirdly, consider with me that through the plagues, God demonstrates to us that sins have consequences.

III. The plagues reveal the mercy of God

The plagues serve as a warning to us this morning, a warning against disobedience, a warning against exerting our will against God’s and a warning that assures us sin has consequences.

God has worked miracles in your life and mine. If we cannot recall them it is simply because we have allowed our thoughts and attention to be captured by lesser things. He has worked His wonders in our lives through His provision, through His presence and through His salvation. And all of these things He has done for a purpose. He works in our lives to show us the futility of serving things which cannot save us. Some serve money, others serve power, influence or pleasure, but like the false gods of Egypt, they are not worth serving. He works in our lives to make Himself known to us, to reveal Himself to us, to receive the glory He is due and to speak to us, telling us what it is He would have us do and how He would have us live. If we listen and obey, things go well, it’s just when we don’t that He brings things into our lives to get our attention.

What is it that God is telling you this morning? What decision is there that you need to make that you’ve been putting off? What will it take to get your attention?

Dr. Calvin Wittman is pastor of Applewood Baptist Church, Wheat Ridge, Colorado. He serves as a trustee at Criswell College, and regularly contributes to Open Windows, a monthly LifeWay devotional publication.