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Sermon Index by Series

Check this index for the latest additions to our sermon series.

This sermon index is arranged alphabetically by series title.

Note: Series from The Gospel Project are not exclusive to that curriculum series. You may find the topics and Scriptures from those series meet your preaching needs. Examine all the sermons in each series to determine how they might fit into your schedule.

Series title Topic or Scripture focus
Balanced Spiritual Growth New Testament
Building Lasting Relationships Ruth
Changed from the Inside Out Ephesians 4
Christ the Center New Testament
Covenant Faithfulness Old Testament (Gospel Project Feb. 2012)
Covenant Foundations Old Testament (Gospel Project Dec. 2012)
Covenant People Old Testament (Gospel Project Jan. 2013)
Encouragement for the Journey of Faith Joshua
Experience the Miracle of Christmas Christmas
Five Spiritual Disciplines Various
Following Jesus New Testament
Foundations of Our Faith New Testament/Easter
Foundations of the Faith Baptist Faith & Message
Freedom New Testament
God Speaks - Part 1 Various (Gospel Project Sept. 2012)
God Speaks - Part 2 Various (Gospel Project Oct. 2012)
God Speaks - Part 3 Various (Gospel Project Nov. 2012)
God's Greatest Gift Christmas
God's Missionary Heart Christmas
God's New Covenant People New Testament (Gospel Project Apr. 2013)
God's Purpose for Humanity Various (Gospel Project Sept. 2013)
God's Story, Part 1 Various
God's Story, Part 2 Various
Going Right in a Culture Gone Wrong Various
Guarding Your Heart Various
Hello, My Name Is Jesus Gospel of John
It's a Miracle! New Testament
Jesus' Life and Ministry Various (Gospel Project, March 2013)
Knowing God The Trinity
A Lasting Legacy Various
Lessons from Job Job
Life After Failure Various
Living Beyond Yourself The Holy Spirit
Living in Light of the Returning King New Testament (Gospel Project, May 2013)
Make Your Life Count Old Testament
The Measure of Maturity New Testament
Ministry in Times of Crisis New Testament
Open Your Trauma Toolbox Various
The Person God Uses Jeremiah
Pressure Points James
Returning to God Jonah
Transformational Church Acts
The Trinity: God the Father Various (Gospel Project, June-July 2013)
The Trinity: God the Son New Testament (Gospel Project, July 2013)
The Trinity: God the Holy Spirit Various (Gospel Project, August 2013)
Twelve Brief Studies on Prayer Various
The Way of the Worshipper Old Testament
Vintage Faith John 15
When the Church Prays New Testament
When Relationships Collide Various (BSFL September 2013)
Who Cares? Malachi