Ten Creative Ways to Celebrate the Lord's Supper

A regular observance of the bread and cup can become commonplace. Here are some creative suggestions, free worship service downloads, sermon ideas, and free model sermons for helping your people celebrate the Lord's Supper.

A regular observance of the bread and cup can become commonplace. Here are some creative suggestions, free worship service downloads, and sermon ideas.

Use the links at the right to download free scripts for dramatic readings and a full order of service. (PDF)

1. Involve all five senses

  • Smell - incense
  • Sight - a decorative Lord's Supper banner
  • Hearing - recreate the sound of a hammer on nails
  • Touch - the bread
  • Taste - the cup

2. Serve the Lord's Supper in family groups.

3. Emphasize Old Testament symbolism

The bread was striped and pierced, blood of the lamb on the doorposts, and the bitter herbs symbolic of bondage. Place the colors of a Jewish tabernacle on the pulpit and explain their significance.

4. Project symbolic images on an overhead screen while passing the elements.

5. Use pageant sets and drama to portray the event visually

Have servers dress up as disciples, then allow people in modern clothes to take the place of the servers at the table with the actor playing the part of Jesus.

6. Emphasize "clean hands and a pure heart" (Psalm 51)

Wash hands before serving and before partaking.

7. Ask deacons to select others to distribute the elements.

8. Use whole loaves of bread. Alllow each person tear or break off his or her portion.

9. Show video clips of films that portray Christ's suffering and death prior to serving the bread and cup.

10. Use banners as the center of the Lord's Supper

Create separate banners that portray the bread, the cup, a lamb, the cross, the nails, and other images. Ask members to take the Lord's Supper at the banner with the image that represents the most meaning for them, because of what they have experienced recently.

Five sermon ideas and themes

1. Suggested sermon title: "I Remember, Do You?"

2. Focus on personal encounters and commitments reinforced by the Lord's Supper.

  • The death of Christ and dying to self.
  • Jesus' suffering - He suffered, therefore, we are to be willing to suffer.
  • Focus on taking up the cross or surrenduring your will. Jesus gave up His, so why do we not want to give up ours?

3. Add the washing of feet as the third aspect of the communion service. Jesus washes the disciples' feet. Then they go and serve the congregation. Use a clay basin and symbolically, not literally, wash feet. Clean feet (daily cleansing from sin) is preparation for being at the Lord's table (John 13). Use the idea of "feet" to present the message for the Lord's Supper.

  • Dirty feet
  • Tired feet
  • Bruised feet
  • Feet that betray Him
  • Feet that deny Him
  • Feet that run in a moment of crisis
  • Feet that run to follow Him
  • Feet that bring good news

4. Invitation theme. "By invitation only: we have been invited to come into fellowship with Christ."

5. Service theme: Heritage. How do others remember? Emphasize that we are joining with a great heritage of people needed to carry on so others can know in the future.