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How to Host a Movie Night at Your Church

Faith-based films provide a unique outreach opportunity. Follow these tips to host a great movie night for your community.

Faith-based films provide a unique outreach opportunity. But how do you host a movie night? It's easier than you think.

1. Set goals and pick a supporting movie

Do you want to host an outreach event in your community? Bring families together? Reach out to dads? Plan a student lock-in? Host a mom's night out? The intent of your event will dictate what environment you want to create and what movie you'll want to show.

For instance, Fireproof is a great choice for a couple's date night. Courageous is perfect for a men's event. October Baby is perfect for outreach events and helping people address hurts in their lives. Journey to Everest or Sons of Lwala help instill a missional perspective towards third world nations. These are just a few examples among many great options.

2. Get the Site License

Lifeway Films offers more than a dozen movies that address a variety of topics and interests, and a Site License gives your church permission to show the corresponding movie an unlimited number of times for up to one year. Most Lifeway Films Site Licenses include a DVD of the movie, as well.

3. Spread the word

Make announcements at your church, invite your members to tell their friends, and advertise to your community with signs or door-to-door visits. Lifeway Films even provides downloadable invite cards at

4. Get ready

All you really need to host a movie night is a big screen, projector, and a place for people to sit, but you can also have some fun with it! Try setting up a tent and showing the movie outside. Rent a popcorn machine or buy candy and sodas at a local wholesaler to create a concession stand-you can even donate the proceeds to support church members going on mission trips. The possibilities are limitless!

5. Follow up

After the movie, provide spiritual counseling for those who want to know more. Start small groups with supporting Bible study materials from Lifeway Films (available for most films). Develop ministries and initiatives like The Love Dare around the themes presented in the movies that strengthen families, marriages, and your community.

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