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Children's Bible Drill FAQs

Updates and frequently asked questions regarding Children's Bible Drill products from Lifeway.

The purposes of Children's Bible Drill are to help children:

  • Increase in the knowledge of the Bible.
  • Develop skills in locating Bible books and Key Passages.
  • Memorize the names of the books of the Bible in order and the Bible verses and Key Passages identified on the current Verse Cards.
  • Learn how to apply the Bible to their lives.

When do I begin Children's Bible Drill?
Most churches begin with the new church year in September. Beginning this early allows them to use a variety of activities to help children learn the verses, Key Passages and the books of the Bible. (See Bible Skills, Drills, & Thrills resources for teaching ideas.) Some churches wait until January to begin. Beginning in January means children must learn most of the material at home and spend class time practicing drilling.

See Bible Skills, Drills, & Thrills

When do I schedule my church drill?
When you know the drill date for your association, schedule your church drill a week or two before that date.

What are the dates for the Association and State drills?
Contact your State Convention Office for drill dates, locations, and contact information.

Which version of the Bible do I use with Children's Bible Drill?
Contact your State Convention Office to find out which version your state will use in the drills.

What is a Key Passage?
Each year children learn the location of 10 important passages in the Bible. They must be able to find the passage when the caller gives the title. For example, if the caller says "The Crucifixion," the children must know that the reference is John 19 and be able to find the passage in 10 seconds. At the end of three years in Children's Bible Drill, children will be able to find 30 Key Passages.

When we score a drill, what do we use for a score sheet?
Download a free Score Sheet to use in judging a Children's Bible Drill.

Can our children dog-ear, mark a page, or bend a Bible back as to break the back of the Bible to mark a Key Passage or Book of the Bible?
Please do not allow the Bibles used for Children's Bible Drill to be marked in any way.

What are the resources?

Children's Bible Drill resources will be available in the Bible Skills, Drills, & Thrills curriculum. All children need to develop Bible skills, but not all children want to participate in Children's Bible Drill. Bible Skills, Drills, & Thrills provides materials for children in grades 4-6 who want to do Bible Drill and for children in grades 1-6 who don't want to drill but do want develop Bible skills. The Bible Skills, Drills, & Thrills resources can be used with any Bible translation.

  • Leader Guide
  • Leader Pack
  • Activity Books
  • Key Passages and Verse Cards - Children's Bible Drill Verse Cards will be available in HCSB®, KJV, and NIV in packages of 10 cards.
  • Music and Computer Games - Each year a Music & Games CD will have four computer games and 6 Bible verses set to music that will help children learn the books of the Bible, Bible verses and key passages. You will find 6 different Bible-verse songs on each of the Music and Games CDs and they will be a set of 5 per package.
  • Drill Bibles - Two hardback drill Bibles are available from Lifeway: HCSB Drill Bible and KJV Drill Bible. A NIV Drill Bible is available from the International Bible Society.
  • Bible Drill T-shirts - Personalize these Bible Drill T-shirts with your church name and Bible verse on the back for an additional $3.00 per shirt. $25.00 set-up fee with one color imprint.

Here's another helpful resource.
Giant Game Floor Mat

This reusable 43-by-75-inch vinyl mat has 20 clear pockets and can be used with several games suggested in the Leader's Guide. The mat also comes with a numbered cube, a spinner, and a beanbag.