As a parent, you likely suffer under the self-imposed guilt of feeling like you don’t spend enough time with your children. You probably also wonder if the activities you spend time doing with them are making a positive difference in their life.

A recent study by the Journal of Marriage and Family says it’s not about quantity time spent with our kids, but quality time. Quality time is defined by one-on-one focused, intentional time together. Research and statements made by Psychologists indicate that at least 20-30 minutes of undivided and uninterrupted focused-time with our children is worth far more than hours spent together multi-tasking other projects during this one-on-one time together.

I know that may sound totally obvious, but honestly, this fact is a huge relief! Now, instead of taking unfocused chunks of my day to hang out with my kids, I focus on designating at least twenty minutes to play with them focused and engaged in an activity. Sure, I often spend longer focused minutes on them each day, but with a minimum goal of taking at least twenty minutes to play with my kids, even on my busiest days, is totally doable. I know I’ve spent far too many times juggling other to-do’s and accepting work interruptions while trying to engage with my kids—never giving either activity my full attention—when it would have been better off if I had put all distractions aside for just twenty minutes.

Personally, I’ve noticed a distinct difference in my kids when I spend quality-focused time with them: their eyes light up, they are less whiny because they have my full attention, they tend to be happier throughout the day and evening, and they need less of my attention for the next hour as they are emotionally filled up. Additionally, it positively impacts my own life: I feel like a better parent, I’m no longer giving them my distracted energy filled with short, stressed-filled responses towards them, and I find myself enjoying my time with them more than if I was distracted with other tasks. Overall, my brain feels less stressed as I focus on one thing—my kids—instead of the emails I must send, the laundry that needs to be run, or a possible missed text from a friend who needs me. They have me, all of me, which is all they really want and need, for a designated time.

But there’s another dilemma I discovered when mapping out these quality-focused time blocks in my week: what exactly does this twenty minutes of focused time with them look like?

Rachel Swanson

Truth be told, most of the time everything else can wait for at least twenty-minutes. They’re worth it. But there’s another dilemma I discovered when mapping out these quality-focused time blocks in my week: what exactly does this twenty minutes of focused time with them look like?

Sometimes, it requires that I just get down on the floor with them and play my-little-ponies or race cars for twenty minutes. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I dread those kinds of activities and I pray the time goes by quickly! But, what if you could have an activity that not only fills their heart with what they need, but fills your heart with what you need, too? Big and Little Coloring Devotional is a book I helped create to bring adults and children together through coloring and reading Scripture! This quality-focused time to color and meditate on biblical devotions is thoughtfully orchestrated to not only provide the quality-time they need, but also attend to your emotional and spiritual needs as a parent.

Have you ever felt stressed by the fact that kids crave constant activities and attention, while you crave quiet moments of refreshment? Yep, me too! That’s why Big and Little Coloring Devotional is uniquely set up to promote a calming mind with bible devotionals while providing a creative outlet through coloring to diffuse stress for both involved.

Have you wanted an activity where face-to-face interaction wasn’t awkward but encouraged conversation with your child? Big and Little Coloring Devotional does just that! The pages are set up opposite to each other, encouraging eye contact and discussion.

Do you desire to grow spiritually in your relationship with God, but don’t know how to find the time? Additionally, do you want your kids to grow spiritually, but again you feel like you lack the time and know-how to get it done? This book will help you and your “little” reflect on Scripture while reading a short devotion of context, opening your mind spiritually in a relaxing way through coloring.

So, there you have it! You now have a guilt-free way of spending twenty minutes of quality time with your kids, nurturing your spiritual growth, while gaining stress-relief through an activity that doesn’t feel like getting your teeth pulled at the dental office.

Rachel Swanson is a dental hygienist turned author, speaker, and accredited life coach. Her writing is featured on multiple websites worldwide, reaching millions. She's been married ten years to her husband who loves her despite her love for coffee and often impulsive nature. They rear their tribe of identical twin boys and (nineteen months later) their baby girl ... and a Weimaraner (dog) who thinks she's human. They reside in a wannabe country town just outside the big city Los Angeles, CA.