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Organization Management on

Welcome! You will see some important changes to how you can manage your organization from your Lifeway account. 

Switch Profiles

If you have an existing billing account linked by a PIN, we created an Organization profile for you. 

You can switch easily from your personal profile to an organization profile using this menu or from your “linked organizations” list.

You’ll see updated navigation options while viewing your organization. Your organization navigation menu displays:

  • Profile (New)
  • Order History
  • Account Activity
  • Account Settings (New)
  • Groups (New)

Here’s a quick overview of what these options can do!

Organization Profile (New)

This page shows relevant information about your organization including active billing accounts, and whether you are authorized to make purchases on that account. 

At this time, any information that needs to be updated will need to be updated through our customer service department by emailing

Order History

This page shows pending and processed orders that were paid for with a Lifeway billing account from your organization.

You can also see the order details, track a shipment and view/print any invoices.

Account Activity

This page shows the transaction activity of a Lifeway billing account within your organization. While on this page, you can:

  • Download monthly statements
  • Pay your bill online (with a bank account)
  • Look at open invoices and credits and apply them to an online payment
  • View all transactions including payments

Account Settings (New)

This information on this page can only be viewed by Administrators and Billing Managers in the organization. If you are added to one of those groups, you will be able to manage any saved bank accounts for future online payments.

  • View saved accounts
  • Delete saved accounts 
  • Add a new account 

Groups (New)

You now have the ability to manage two groups for your organization. After at least one Organization Administrator has been added, you are able to use the groups page and any new features that these roles can use, such as saving a bank account for future payments.

Invite administrators and billing managers to be a part of your Church/Organization. 

    Administrators have full access to: 

  • Add and remove people from groups
  • Manage billing account settings 
  • Pay bills online with a saved bank account

    Billing Managers control financial information and have access to:

  • Manage billing account settings
  • Pay bills online with a saved bank account

We’d also love to get your feedback on what other groups you would use in your organization. You’ll see an option to do that on the groups page. Or you can submit a feedback form

We are thrilled to bring you these new features and hope you like them. Our goal is always to help you manage your church or organization more easily. We’ll keep you in the loop as we add more new features.

For more specific details, please go to the FAQ page and type in your keyword or question.