Bible Studies for Life: Adults - Winter 2021

Bible Studies for Life is designed to help your groups make disciples through in-depth Bible study that addresses real-life issues. The winter studies are When Emotions Rise, which looks at key psalms to learn how to convey your emotions in a healthy, Christ-honoring way, and Spiritual Disciplines, which examines several practices that can help us become more like Jesus. A special focus session, Created for a Purpose, is also included to help us see that every person has value and purpose. (13 sessions)

Bible Studies for Life Adults Group Box

Adults Group Box  $69.99

Everything you need for an all-in-one-box group experience at a discounted price.

  • 10 Adult Personal Study Guides
  • 1 Adult Leader Guide
  • 1 Leader Pack
  • 1 Advanced Bible Study (only in CSB box) or Hershel Hobbs Commentary (only in KJV box)
  • 1 Biblical Illustrator

Adult Study Guides & Leader Guide

Bible Studies for Life Adults Study Guide

Study Guides

Order one per group member and extras for guests.

Personal Study Guides

Bible Studies for Life Adults Leader Guide

Leader Guide

Features simple study plan with extensive commentary. Order one per leader.

Additional Leader Helps

Bible Studies for Life Adults Leader Pack

Leader Pack

Includes variety of teaching and visual aids.

Bible Studies for Life Adults Commentaries


Comprehensive Bible exposition of each session's Scripture passage.

Biblical Illustrator

Biblical Illustrator

Features articles on biblical archaeology, customs, and locations.

Bible Studies for Life

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  • Disciple the people you serve in-person or at-home: resources are designed to help you study the Bible in a group and worship together as a family

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