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Shipping Information

Standard Ground Shipping

Order Value From Order Value To Standard Map
(see map above)
Express Delivery
(3 to 4 business days)
Expedited Delivery
(2 to 3 business days)
Premium Delivery
(1 to 2 business days)
 $0.01 $19.99 $4.00 $14.00
$19.00 $23.00
 $20.00 $39.99
$6.00 $16.00
 $40.00 $59.99
$8.00 $18.00
 $60.00 $79.99
$10.00 $19.00
 $80.00 $99.99 $12.00 $22.00
 $100.00 $149.99 $15.00 $27.00
 $150.00 $199.99 $19.00 $32.00
 $200.00 $299.99 $28.00 $43.00
 $300.00 and up 11% 14%
17% 25%
 Maximum Charge $549.00 $625.00
$875.00 $1,250.00

Shipping & Processing charges are listed on the back of the Quarterly Resources Order Form which comes with each quarterly Planning Guide.


Shipping Charges

Shipping & Processing charges depend on the accumulative dollar value of the shippable resources in your original order, not the weight. We do NOT charge extra for your back-ordered materials.

Shipping & Processing charges are listed in the chart above. They are subject to future changes and sales taxes. Multiple orders for Ongoing Resources placed by the Due Date may merge into one order as do multiple orders placed on the same day.

Lifeway adheres to the UPS Service Guarantee. Please see below for exceptions due to weather or other unexpected impediments.*


Free Shipping Offer

Products in the books, Bibles, gifts, VBS (some exclusions apply), and Church Supplies categories on qualify for free shipping with a minimum order of $50 with Standard Ground shipping. Only products shipped within the Contiguous United States qualify. Does not apply to Bible study books or VBS custom shirts. If products outside of these categories are included in your order, shipping charges will apply for these products. For more information or questions, please call (800) 458-2772 or email

International Guidelines

International shipment costs are higher, are determined by the International carrier used and weight of the shipment. International customers are responsible for any taxes, duties or brokerage fees on customer orders. Lifeway is not responsible for any delivery delays caused by Customs. Your order placed with Lifeway is an indication that you are aware and responsible for customs duties, taxes and brokerage fees for all packages shipped to your country. 

A $5 international shipping fee will be added to shipping costs.

*The UPS Service Guarantee does not apply to shipments that are delayed due to causes beyond UPS’s control including, but not limited to: the unavailability or refusal of a person to accept delivery of the shipment, acts of God, natural disasters, war risks, acts of terrorism, acts of public authorities acting with actual or apparent authority, acts or omissions of customs or similar authorities, authority of law, insufficient information provided by a customer, Hazardous Materials packages improperly offered for transport, the application of security regulations imposed by the government, or otherwise applicable to the shipment, riots, strikes or other labor disputes, civil unrest, disruptions in national or local air or ground transportation networks (including, but not limited to, UPS’s transportation network), disruption or failure of communication and information systems, and adverse weather conditions.