Racial Reconciliation Resources

Tensions run high in our culture when it comes to the issues of race relations. Here you'll find resources that will help the church relate well in the community and fulfill our ministry of reconciliation through the gospel.

Free Prayer and Bible Study Resources

Seven-Day Prayer Guide

Engage your church in daily prayer regarding the issues of race, God, and the gospel. Download and distribute this seven-day prayer guide to help believers know how to pray and act regarding the issue of racial reconciliation in the church.

Group Study Guide: Overcoming Prejudice Through Love

Key Text: James 2:1-13

Main Idea: Until we treat others the same regardless of their wealth or race, we will not fulfill the law of love.

Group Study Guide: Loving in a Divided Culture

Key Text: Acts 10:17-38

Main Idea: We must identify and overcome cultural assumptions in our lives that hinder the spread of the gospel.

Group Bible Studies

The Church and the Racial Divide

The Church and the Racial Divide

Finding Unity in the Race-Transcending Gospel

In light of racial tension in America, many Christian leaders are talking earnestly about racial reconciliation. Many pastors and lay leaders look at the growing tensions in our churches and wonder how they can be a healing force in our culture. The problem is they don’t know where to begin. The average evangelical Christian may not understand why racial reconciliation is a gospel imperative. Pastors and church leaders may not know how to pursue it.

This resource features video teaching from key leaders discussing race, culture, and the gospel. Using these evangelical voices and Bible study, participants will learn about racial reconciliation and be equipped to be part of the solution.

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The Gospel for Life

The Gospel & Racial Reconciliation

From The Gospel for Life Series

In the kingdom of God, it is not us against them.

The problem of racism stretches back as far humanity’s origin in the book of Genesis. Brother pitted against brother, tribe against tribe––people have warred against one another, fueled by contempt for racial differences. Yet the gospel is a message of reconciliation.
Editors Russell Moore and Andrew T. Walker of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) assemble leading voices to frame the issues with a gospel-centered perspective. 

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Dr. Tony Evans and Trevin Wax Discuss Race in America

Author and pastor Dr. Tony Evans shares about his life experience as an African-American, a Christian, and a pastor. He discusses how the gospel informs how he thinks about and addresses racial injustice in America, and a lot more. He also shares how he would counsel pastors who want to speak about racial injustice, but may be afraid to do so.

How to Best Engage in the Conversation About Race by Trillia Newbell

In light of racial tension in America, many Christian leaders are talking earnestly about racial reconciliation. In this video, author, Trillia Newbell, explains how we should best enter that conversation and listen before we speak.

Why Racial Reconciliation Is a Gospel Issue

Russell Moore addresses "The Gospel and Racial Reconciliation" from the 2015 ERLC Leadership Summit.

Racial Reconciliation, the Kingdom, and Justice

Tony Evans addresses "The Gospel and Racial Reconciliation" from the 2015 ERLC Leadership Summit.

The Great Commission and Racial Reconciliation

Danny Akin addresses "The Gospel and Racial Reconciliation" from the 2015 ERLC Leadership Summit.

A Time to Speak, Part 1

Ed Stetzer, Bryan Lorrits, and many others discuss Racial Reconciliation as a part of the Kainos Movement at the Lorain Hotel in Memphis.


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Addressing the Sin of Racial Division

By Dhati Lewis

Are you willing to call any division that is caused by racism, discrimination, or prejudice a spiritual and moral problem? Are you willing to call it what it really is; sin? Are we, together, willing to call it sin?

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Living Out the Gospel in a Diverse World

By David Platt

God’s Word reminds us that regardless of the color of our skin, we all have the same roots. Fundamentally, we’re all part of the same human race. That’s why we all need the same gospel.

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The Seed of Racism

by Noe Garcia
If you have taken time to stop and listen to how racism is impacting lives then it should cause your heart to mourn greatly. It should bother us as people of God that privilege and superiority exists. Racism is alive and well and the scary thing is that it may live in you! Read More

6 Biblical Principles for Shepherding through Racial Reconciliation

by Chris Williamson
We should all ask ourselves, “Who can I show God’s mercy to in the way that he shows it to me every day?” If blacks and whites do not start with extending mercy to one another, we will never move forward together in the continuum of racial reconciliation.  Read More

Training and Tools

Ministry Grid

Find more than 40 video training sessions on the topic of racial reconciliation when you log on to Ministry Grid. This training platform delivers ministry experts insight directly to your church's volunteers, leaders, coaches and staff.

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Access 2000+ Bible studies you can quickly customize to lead discussions on race and many other topics at smallgroup.com.

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