Ava Audio Visual Aid for Churches and Ministries

Making Worship Accessible for Everyone

Deaf and hard of hearing people are among the largest unreached people groups in the world (460 million people suffer from disabling hearing loss). In the US alone, there are 30 million people with hearing loss, while less than 5% of churches offer accessibility accommodations for these people.

Addressing an invisible barrier.

Ava is a mobile application that allows members of your community who are deaf or hard-of-hearing to be fully included in all your worship services. That includes those people with age or noise induced hearing loss, who may not speak up about their challenges to follow your services today.

Every situation, no limitation.

Ava can be used in any situation, ranging from one-on-one’s with your pastor, to bible study groups, and sanctuary services. The captions can be projected on a large screen, or shown on the personal device of any of your community members. Captions can also be viewed remotely and transcripts can be saved for post production or rereading at home.

Discount up to 35% for LifeWay Customers

Quick one-on-one’s
The app comes with features that are specifically designed to facilitate one-on-one situations between the deaf or hard of hearing person and their peers. This can be as simple as holding the phone up to the speaker and reading along with the captions.    

Meetings and group discussions
For group conversations, Ava can be used with multiple smart devices at the same time. Pairing happens in a matter of seconds and speakers are distinguished through color coding. The app can easily be paired with any bluetooth or wired microphone.    

Instantly connect with sanctuary services​
When captioning larger sanctuary services, Ava can easily be connected with your church audio system. Any community member can download the app and view the captions. In case there is no audio system in place, a microphone can be used.

Ava set up with an iPod & basic audio board

Ava can be very easily connected with your sound board. Install Ava on a smartphone or tablet. Then connect this device with your sound board, using a standard TRS cable (used for guitars and other audio equipment), and an iRig to convert the anolog audio to digital audio for your smart device. The iRig can be purchased from Amazon or any audio store.

Ava paired with wired/bluetooth microphone   

Ava can be easily paired with many types of microphones. Based on the preference of the speaker, it’s possible to connect Ava with a wired microphone. The speaker will need to carry Ava in their pocket, and can clip the microphone onto their shirt. 

Affordable and scalable. Multiple locations. Unlimited usage.
Pricing is based on weekly attendance and the number of spaces to be captioned simultaneously. Anyone who wants to view the captions can do this for free. Licenses can be purchased on a monthly, or a yearly basis, starting as low as $39 per month, and scaling to your needs. For LifeWay customers, Ava provides discounts up to 35%, and in some cases even more when buying multiple licenses. For large volume pricing and discounts, please contact us via the contact form below or at 800.464.2799.

Are you ready to join our mission and open your doors for people who are deaf or hard of hearing?

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