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Join our panel of world-class experts as they discuss how the book of Acts could bring about racial reconciliation. It is something simple and small, but powerful because it brings us together and because of what this book holds. The book of Acts tells the ongoing story of what happened after Jesus' resurrection and ascension. It tells the story of how the New Testament church came to be. It is the story of the Holy Spirit's power changing lives and obliterating prejudice along the way.

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Dr. Tony Evans

"I want to challenge you as you work your way through the book of Acts to ask yourself an additional question, 'Am I filled with the Spirit?...am I reaching outside of my comfort zone and convenince to people who are unlike me?"

Aaron Son, Ph.D.

There is a fear because they're different and I don't speak their language, but once you obey and you step out and get to know them, the barrier will disappear very quickly.

Lazaro Choppa

The Holy Spirit is moving us out of our comfort zone to go to other people's houses and enjoy life with them.

Dr. Scott Maze

I think of the cowardice that I've had in my past instead of a sense of courage...times that I should have spoken out against racist remarks.


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