You Bible Study

A Bible study for and by the urban and multicultural church.

Created by and for members of the urban and multicultural church community, YOU exists to respond to their uniquely generational Bible study needs. 

  • Questions and discussion topics reflect black lifestyle and experiences

  • Cultural vernacular is occasionally employed to strengthen the application of God’s Word 

  • Frames the urban and multicultural church through a biblical lens. 

  • Affordable 3-in-1 resource combines an easy-to-follow leader guide, weekly group learner guide, and five daily devotional readings.

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Current Studies

Summer 2024

Promises We Can Count On 

As we walk through the six covenants God established, we can simultaneously see God’s ongoing relationship with us and the common thread that runs through the Bible of God’s plan for us. 

More than a Sidekick 

This Old Testament study shows us many people who played significant roles as they walked and served alongside prophets, kings, and those in leadership. 

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Fall 2024

Thrive: Living on Purpose

This study will help believers refocus and live in the purpose God called each of us to fulfill. When we discover that purpose in Christ, life takes on a meaning and richness the world cannot offer.

Navigating Family Conflict

We have a responsibility to relate to others within the family in a way that reflects we are Christ followers. In this study of Old Testament family relationships, we can discover how we ought to relate to others.

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Discipleship is the lifestyle of walking with God. This walk tends to follow a pathway as followers become more like Christ and advance His kingdom.

Every pathway has signposts—markers to show a person’s progress. Lifeway Research has identified eight signposts of discipleship—lifestyle patterns that ought to be growing in ever-increasing measure the longer a person walks the pathway of discipleship.

YOU Bible study curriculum is designed so that each of the following categories (signposts) are addressed over the course of a year. This ensures a balanced approach to Bible study as group members advance to spiritual maturity.

  • Engage with Scripture

  • Obey God and Deny Self

  • Serve God and Others

  • Share Christ

  • Exercise Faith

  • Seek God

  • Build Relationships

  • Live Unashamed

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