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Transformational Church Consulting

A Transformational Church is defined as a church where:

  • People become more like Jesus
  • The church acts more like the body of Christ
  • The community becomes more of a reflection of the kingdom of God

Many churches in North America are experiencing this kind of transformation. And many others, possibly yours, are striving to become more like them. But we understand the most common barrier for Churches is knowing what to do next.

That's why Lifeway Transformational Church Consulting offers guidance through the process of becoming a Transformational Church. Since the beginning of the Transformational Church initiative the TC Consulting team has been training and coaching people through the process; helping leaders build a unified team, gather and process the information needed to make sound decisions, and ultimately take the next steps required to move forward. Let us help your church

  • Create your unique scorecard
  • Establish accountability and clear measures
  • Prevent your staff from becoming mired in more work
  • Compress the time it takes to get from now to where you want to be

If you're interested in speaking with a certified Transformational Church consultant contact us at 615.251.3893 or