The Forge

The Forge Movie

The Forge Bible Study

THE FORGE Bible Study

by Stephen Kendrick and Alex Kendrick

Study in adult groups five weeks prior to watching THE FORGE movie together. For those seeing the movie when it releases, this will mean starting the week of July 14th.

After completing THE FORGE Bible Study, see the movie in theaters with your church August 23.

Movie Synopsis

Isaiah Wright has some growing up to do. A year out of high school with no plans for his future, Isaiah is challenged by his single mom and a successful businessman to start charting a better course for his life. Through the prayers of his mother and biblical discipleship from his new mentor, Isaiah begins to discover God’s purpose for his life is so much more than he could hope for or imagine. From the Kendrick Brothers, the creators of the No. 1 hit WAR ROOM, comes THE FORGE, a faith-filled new movie with old friends and inspiring new twists.

I Surrender All Book

I SURRENDER ALL Book by Priscilla Shirer

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Learn to follow Him not just as your Savior but as your priority, your first love, your Lord. Read how to move beyond being a believer to becoming His disciple.


by Stephen Kendrick and Alex Kendrick

This is intended to be studied after viewing THE FORGE movie. In eight sessions, go from being a believer in Christ to a true disciple that is wholly surrendered to His will.

Put Discipleship in Motion with These Resources

Devoted to Jesus

Year-long discipleship for small groups

Packed with 52 topical chapters—ideal for reading daily or weekly— this book is designed to help both new and mature believers grow together.

Count Me In

Equip students to disciple others

This devotional walks students through the entire Gospel of Luke and Jesus’s bold invitation to follow Him daily, obey Him faithfully, and trust Him completely.

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THE FORGE Sermon Series

Teach on Jesus calling His first disciples and the Great Commission.

Discipleship requires investment of relationships and time to bring lost sheep into the kingdom.

Helping others grow into mature believers is the end goal of discipleship.

An eternity of joy and reward awaits the faithful.