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Gain A Comprehensive Understanding Of Religious Liberty

A 6-Session Study by Phillip Bethancourt and Andrew T. Walker with Russell Moore

What if the freedom to practice our faith were taken away? What if we had to decide whether to follow either the rule of our country or our God-given conscience? Religious liberty has protected Christians in America from having to answer these questions, but that may not always be the case.

Religious Liberty: How the Gospel Shapes Our First Freedom articulates what the Bible teaches about religious liberty through an overarching biblical theology. Religious liberty is rooted in the kingdom of God and the storyline of Scripture. And it's integral to our understanding of the church's mission.

It is religious liberty that helps chart a path for the Great Commission and helps us pursue the mission of loving our neighbor, both here and around the world. But this means Christians should care about religious liberty for all people—not just Christians. Religious liberty is a principle that applies in every area of our lives because it serves the common good. We don't have to like the beliefs of others, but we should respect their right to hold them.


  • Documentary-style videos featuring leading voices from many different regions in the religious-liberty discussion
  • Biblically rooted and gospel-centered content
  • Six small-group sessions that examine important topics in the religious-liberty conversation
  • Personal-study opportunities for ongoing spiritual growth
  • Promotional video


  • Learn why religious liberty matters to Christians and even non-Christians.
  • Discover what the Bible teaches about religious liberty through an exploration of specific passages and a consideration of theological foundations.
  • Understand why religious liberty is integral to a believer's understanding of the church's mission.
  • Learn why Christians should care about religious liberty for all people.
  • Get answers for common objections to religious liberty in today's culture.

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