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Going Beyond Simulcast

Going Beyond Simulcast with Priscilla Shirer

September 25, 2021
Church Host Registration

Become a Host Church!

Why Simulcast?

  • Impact the women in your church and community for Christ
  • Affordable way to have a custom women's event at your church
  • Experience the excitement of a global event without leaving your hometown
  • Invite women to your church to kick-off your Bible study season

What You Need

  • A computer and internet connection.
  • A minimum of 5mbps continuous download speed.

Host the Going Beyond Simulcast for the ladies in your church or community. Provide a full day of incredible Bible study with Pricilla Shirer and worship with Anthony Evans. Whether you host an in-person gathering or host digitally, we have options for you. 

Registration Includes:

  • Unlimited Access Until November 25, 2021
  • Unlimited In-Person Attendees + 30 Digital Attendees
  • Option to Purchase Additional Digital Attendees at Discounted Rates
  • Ability to Customize Your Schedule Based on Your Time Zone
  • Digital Program
  • Spanish, American Sign Language, & Open Captioning
  • Host Website
  • Host Guide
  • Customizable Promotional Material
  • Online Training Hostcasts
  • Assigned Regional Simulcast Specialist for Planning & Promotion Help
  • Special Promo Code for 30% Off
  • Option to be Listed on Host Location Map

Host the simulcast digitally!

If you are unsure you’ll be able to host an in-person gathering at your church before November 25, or if you want to try something different, consider hosting digitally! Registered church hosts will automatically receive digital access for 30 individual attendees, so that they can watch from home.

After registration, church hosts will have the option to purchase additional discounted* access for digital attendees in bulk through the Host Website.

  • +25 Digital Attendees = $375 (25% Discount for $15 Each)
  • +50 Digital Attendees = $500 (50% Discount for $10 Each)
  • +100 Digital Attendees = $750 (62% Discount for $7.50 Each)
  • +150 Digital Attendees = $825 (72% Discount for $5.50 Each)
  • +200 Digital Attendees = $1,000 (75% Discount for $5 Each)

*Discount is applied to the regular $20 individual simulcast rate.