Bible Studies for Life: Preschool

Relate biblical truth to every moment in a preschooler's life with Bible Studies For Life: Preschool. This study plan helps your youngest learners apply the Bible to real life through the use of music, review games, Activity Pages, coloring pages, teaching pictures, hands-on activities, videos, and family resources.

Each session is based on Levels of Biblical Learning, a guide that describes how much a child can understand about 10 spiritual concept areas at each stage in development. Begin building your wise discipleship plan from the earliest point in a child's life with Bible Studies For Life: Preschool.

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Preschool Worship Hour - NEW!

Add a Worship Hour to your program! Only $64.99!

Make the most of each moment with your kids using the Bible Studies For Life: Preschool Worship Hour. Add on this second hour of learning to reinforce Bible content, memorize Scripture, emphasize missions, and worship through music.

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