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Trust and Obey

A balanced life is a journey of faith and learning to maximize the moment - glorifying the Lord's name in every minute.

This article is courtesy of HomeLife Magazine.

If you want to develop balance in your life, begin by asking who or what is in control. Do schedules, agendas, sporting events, aerobics, dance lessons, or carpools dominate your time and energy? Do fax machines, email, and cell phones distract you from the true priorities of life? Is your busy pace leaving you overwhelmed and weary?

The driving force

If personal desires are your driving force, then selfish thoughts dominate. Your life can be a whirlwind of activity that leaves behind nothing of eternal value.

If, on the other hand, Jesus Christ is on the throne of your heart, you'll discover balance is possible. A balanced life is a journey of faith and learning to maximize the moment - glorifying the Lord's name in every minute.

Start by capitalizing on today. Stop worrying about tomorrow or next month or next year.

A heart attitude

Finding balance doesn't necessarily mean clearing your calendar, but it does require careful scrutiny of your activities. Examine each from God's viewpoint. Is it necessary? Does it glorify God's name? Does it distract you from following God's will?

The foundation of balance is a heart attitude. Your response to God and His direction is crucial. Make your obedience an offering to the Lord. Choose to lovingly relinquish your "rights" and simply obey. As your life honors and serves God, you'll bring glory to Him.

Abraham's example

Abraham's heart surely pounded as he climbed with Isaac to the top of Mount Moriah. He had offered many sacrifices, but this one was different. (See Genesis 22.)

God asked him to place on the altar his son, the most precious gift God had given him. God asked Abraham to trust. In the end, God saw Abraham was completely surrendered to His will and provided a ram to take Isaac's place.

Are you willing to trust God completely, even with what is most precious to you? God wants you to offer more than spare time and juggled schedules. He wants to be Lord of everything, including family, meals, laundry, soccer practice, and leisure time.

God asks that we love Him enough to trust and obey Him. He is Lord of our past, our present, and our future. When believers invite God to control their lives, they quickly realize nothing surprises Him.

No matter how painful the situation you're facing, you can trust God. Don't waste time and opportunities trying to bargain with God because you want to continue doing things your way.

The turning point

So many things come at us from all sides that it'ss easy to lose focus. Finding balance is a journey of faith we take one step at a time. It helps to remember.

  • God created you and He has a special plan for your life (Ps. 139).
  • God's plan will not happen on your schedule.
  • Everyone goes through times of preparation and learning to walk in faith.
  • Seek God above career, relationships, money, and even ministry (Mt. 6:33).
  • Don't allow what's insignificant to squeeze out what really matters in your life.
  • Stay focused on the Lord in the midst of everyday responsibilities.  Acknowledge Him in all your ways because He directs your steps (Pr. 3:6).