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Lifeway Resource Product Updates

Updates and corrections to Lifeway print and electronic products.

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File title File type File size
Nehemiah - Video session 4, individual MP4 246 MB
Nehemiah - Video session 5, individual MP4 222 MB
Nehemiah - Video session 6, individual MP4 211 MB
Nehemiah - Video session 7, individual MP4 154 MB
Life Connections - Gospel and Truth Leader Guide p.86 PDF 292 KB
Life Connections - Gospel and Truth Leader Guide session 2
PDF 1.3 MB
Fresh Encounter - Member Book 2 (out of print) PDF 1.5 MB
Fresh Encounter - Plumbline Chart PDF
148 KB
Lord, Change My Attitude Member Book pp. 52-53, 63 PDF 1.5 MB
Esther PURIM Chart PDF 33 KB
Esther - Viewing guide without answers PDF 1 MB
Living Beyond Yourself Member Book p. 73 PDF 533 KB
Jesus the One and Only Member Book p. 139 PDF 80 KB
How Can a Deacon Help You? PDF 100 KB
FAITH Evangelism 1 - Facilitator's Guide PDF 492 KB
FAITH Evangelism 1 - Facilitator's Session Summary PDF 45 KB
FAITH Evangelism 3 - General Discipleship Guide PDF 5.2 MB
FAITH Evangelism 3 - Disciple's Prayer Life - Leader
PDF 111 KB
FAITH Evangelism 3 - When Worldviews Collide - Leader
PDF 266 KB
FAITH Evangelism 3 - Spiritual Warfare - Leader
PDF 319 KB
FAITH Evangelism 3 - Witness to the World - Leader
Mapping Your Church Strategy
Appendicies from the Sunday school book (out of print)
Spiritual preparation retreat outline PDF 86 KB
Appendix 1 - Spiritual gifts survey PDF 29 KB
Appendix 2 - Membership survey
Appendix 3 - Meeting space specifications chart
PDF 197 KB
Appendix 4 - Sample purpose, vision, & core values statements 
Appendix 5 - Core values survey
Appendix 6 - Core values list
Appendix 7 - Church practice assessment 
Appendix 8 - Ministries evaluation form
Appendix 9 - Action plan sheet
Appendix 10 - Action plan sheet, completed sample
All appendicies PDF 307 KB



File Title File type File size
Worship KidStyle Volume 7 Preschool and Children are providing bonus sessions for churches. They include bonus content not found in Volume 7 and make great sessions to supplement Unit 3 on the family. PDF
1.9 & 1.4 MB
Worship KidStyle Preschool Vol. 8, Unit 1, Session 2
The Print All file for "Joshua and Caleb Chose to Obey" (Volume 8 Worship KidStyle Preschool, Unit 1, Session 2) was the incorrect file on the Enhanced CD. The correct file can be downloaded here. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
8.3 MB
Kids Ministry 101 - Characteristics of 3-year-olds
The item on the CD-ROM has repeated information from the 2-year-old page.
PDF 540 KB
I'm a Christian Now! Grades 4-6 Learner Guide Item 28 PDF 5.3 MB
Bible Skills, Drills, and Thrills Blue Cycle - CSB Card PDF 187 KB
Worship KidStyle "Whoa" Music Video ZIP 15.7 MB
TeamKID Setting the Pace meetings 1-36 - Parent Connection PDF 15.9 MB
Down the Street & Around the World Bible Club Pack 2 Teaching Plan PDF 220 KB
TeamKID Going Vertical Prayer Family Camp Prayer Requests - Going Vertical. Item 26 (Missions Printable) PDF 121 KB
Rhyme 'n' Reason TeamKID Leader Guide for 3s-K p. 55 PDF 450 KB
G-Force Volume 1.4 video, Unit 1
Session 1 ASF | QuickTime   10 MB / 10 MB
Session 2 ASF | QuickTime   24 MB /15 MB
Session 3 ASF | QuickTime   12 MB / 11 MB
Session 4 ASF | QuickTime   18 MB / 18 MB
Session 5 ASF | QuickTime   8 MB / 9 MB
Session 6 ASF | QuickTime   9 MB / 7 MB


Christian Schools


File title File type File size
Cuando los cristianos hacen cosas que desagradan a Dios
Manual para el participante p. 106
PDF 1.2 MB
Amemonos Siempre - Manual para el Líder
Making Love Last Forever - Leader Guide
PDF 238 KB
El Corazón del Creyente - Manual para el Líder
A Woman's Heart, God's Home - Leader Guide
PDF 279 KB
Daniel: Vidas de Integridad, Palabras de Profecía - Manual para el Líder
Daniel - Leader Guide
PDF 3.3 MB
Ester: Una mujer que supo enfrentar las adversidades de la vida - Manual para el Líder
Esther - Leader Guide
PDF 217 KB
Los Patriarcas: Un encuentro con el Dios de Abraham, Isaac y Jacob - Manual para el Líder
The Patriarchs - Leader Guide
PDF 1.6 MB
Manejando su Dinero con Exito - Manual para el Líder
Manage Your Money with Success - Leader Guide
PDF 6.2 MB
La Mente de Cristo - Manual para el Líder
The Mind of Christ - Leader Guide
PDF 6.5 MB
Mi Experiencia con Dios - Edición para Jóvenes - Manual para el Líder
Experiencing God Student Edition - Leader Guide
PDF 2.7 MB
Mi Experiencia con Dios - - Manual para el Líder
Experiencing God - Leader Guide
PDF 1.4 MB
Paso a Paso a Través del Nuevo Testamento - Manual para el Líder
Step by Step through the New Testament - Leader Guide
PDF 5.9 MB
Paso a Paso por el Antiguo Testamento - Manual para el Líder
Step by Step through the Old Testament - Leader Guide
PDF 7.1 MB
Peregrinando: Un viaje por los Salmos de Ascensión - Manual para el Líder
Stepping Up - Leader Guide
PDF 213 KB
¡Sea Libre! - Manual para el Líder
Breaking Free - Leader Guide
PDF 209 KB