10 Things You Need to Know About LifeWay Simulcasts

A LifeWay simulcast is an excellent opportunity to join with thousands across the world to worship and hear the Word of God.

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A LifeWay simulcast is an excellent opportunity to join with thousands across the world to worship and hear the Word of God taught by dynamic, inspirational speakers.

A LifeWay simulcast is an excellent opportunity to join thousands around the world to worship and hear the Word of God taught by dynamic, inspirational speakers. 

If you’re not familiar with the term, a simulcast is when a live event is held and the video of the event is simultaneously seen by others via the World Wide Web. Some popular LifeWay simulcasts include Going Beyond Simulcast with Priscilla Shirer and Living Proof Simulcast with Beth Moore.

Not only are simulcasts customizable resources for individuals, small groups and churches, but they are affordable, too. Here are 10 other things you should know about LifeWay simulcasts.

1. You can experience the live event without traveling. 

Churches who choose to host a simulcast are viewing the simulcast as it occurs. This is an incredible experience because thousands of attendees view from churches, living rooms and venues around the world.

2. You can view the event whenever you want. 

If you want to participate and watch the live event, but live in a different timezone, you can start and watch whenever you want. The technology works similarly to DVR technology, and allows you to jump in after the simulcast begins and rewind the event back to the beginning. You can also fast-forward too. 

3. You get extended access to the event.  

Once you register for a LifeWay simulcast, you will have access to it for 30 days. This means that you don’t have to offer the event on the day that it occurs if that’s not convenient. You could purchase the simulcast, and watch it in it’s entirety any day for one month. If you already have an event planned on the same day as the simulcast, you can host the simulcast another day and advertise the simulcast at your event.

4. You can host more than one simulcast event.

Maybe some people can come on the scheduled date of the simulcast and some can’t. Why not offer it multiple times? You might even have more people attend the second time simply because of word of mouth. You’d probably also have viewers who would come back just to hear it again. Keep in mind that it works like a DVR, so you can fast-forward and rewind

5. Use a simulcast to launch a new small group. 

Did you know your church can purchase the simulcast and LifeWay can arrange for it to be hosted in small groups at various sites? Imagine hosting an amazing event in 20 homes throughout the community. This is a great outreach opportunity to those who are uncomfortable in a church setting. 

6. You can give the simulcast experience to someone else.

Did you know that you can offer a simulcast to a local ministry? Is there a homeless ministry, a prison, a school, a pregnancy center, a women’s shelter, a Teen Challenge or other place of ministry that would benefit from the simulcast? Maybe your group could join them and you could all participate in the simulcast together. Of course you could also invite those people to your church and provide transportation and lunch, but sometimes it’s eye opening to be in a new environment.

7. Utilize the simulcast as a resource for your Bible study.

You can use the simulcast in classes over a three-week period. Sometimes Sunday School classes, small groups or bible studies are looking for some new curriculum or are in-between studies. Showing a session of the simulcast over three weeks could give a teacher a much needed break and provide new inspiration. 

8. Create lasting bonds through the simulcast.

Host a mother/daughter three-week event by inviting teens and their moms. Plan snacks or dinner, additional discussion times or even fun activities like cooking classes, bowling or shopping together. This could really turn into a fun tradition or be the beginning of a new mentoring ministry. (Also read: 6 Essential Reasons Why You Need a Mentor.)

9. Help missionaries in need.

Did you know that you could gift a simulcast? Does your church have an ongoing relationship with missionaries? Perhaps you could use part of your missions budget to purchase the simulcast for their use and then devote yourselves to praying for them to have new opportunities to share Christ with those in their area.

10. Unite the Body Of Christ.

A simulcast provides a great opportunity to connect with other churches in your community. Consider connecting with leaders in your area to dream up how you can partner together to change your community for Christ. Maybe you could start a new women's Bible study. Perhaps the simulcast could launch a community-wide Bible study involving believers from all different denominations and churches in your community. 



Read Testimonies from LifeWay Simulcast Attendees

"It was a wonderful day with so many women from different churches coming together, even a church which crossed racial lines. We were thrilled! So many good comments!"

Marlene Wilson, Riverview Conference Center, Cedar Falls, IA Priscilla Shirer Simulcast 2017

"Incredible! The worship sessions and message were inspiring! We watched so many of our women respond so fully to both. The prayer opportunities found so many reaching out to lay hands on, pray over, and comfort women who expressed this need. A team of volunteers were ever ready and responsive to individual needs with words of comfort, heartfelt prayer, hugs, and tissues! Lunch was catered by Chick-Fil-A, and our photo booth was a huge hit!"

Lisa Pietrzak, North Liberty Church of Christ, North Liberty, IN Priscilla Shirer Simulcast 2017

"It was a great day of ministry for our ladies and the ladies in our area from other churches. We had some great relationship building time. Lifeway did everything to support us and insure our event was a success. From the Host Guide to the Host Casts and the Facebook page, the tools provided were a tremendous help to us as this was our first simulcast."

Deb Dunn, Calvary Church of the Quad Cities, Moline, IL Living Proof Simulcast 2017

"This was our sixth Living Proof Live. My prayer is always that God will bring unsaved women into our event and get plugged into a local church. He is always faithful to bring a few first time decisions, but I am always amazed at how He uses this event to refuel the weary that already belong to Him. Many tears were shed as burdens were surrendered at the event this year. Many, many different denominations are represented at our event, which is very unique for our small town. There are many connections made that will definitely be used to further His kingdom! Thank you for all that you do to allow us to provide this event!"

Rhonda Mathis, First Baptist Kingsville, Kingsville, TX Living Proof Simulcast 2017