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Don't Invite the Ruin of Pride

Pride promotes itself as an ally to the insecure, but it crumbles fast. Pride breaks apart families. It destroys relationships. It separates us from God. It fractures reputations and crushes potential. Pride doesn’t protect us, it betrays us. So why do we build our lives on it?  

Are You Following the Best Leader?

No leader, however gifted, can outmatch what Jesus accomplished. Considering Jesus as the author of Hebrews encourages us to do will guide us to see that nothing and no one is worth comparing to Jesus.  

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How God Works Through Humanity

The book of Exodus offers an inside look at how God works and gives us a glimpse of God inviting humanity to join Him in accomplishing His plans. He speaks to Moses, but He also speaks through Moses.

Making Sense Out of Revelation

Revelation is one of the most difficult books of the Bible to understand with  all of its intricacies, and yet the main themes are clear: worship God and the Lamb, Jesus the Messiah. Trust and obey them.