Red Box

Red Box

Lifeway Worship’s choral club, The Red Box, is the best way to receive the very latest resources for your music ministry needs.

By subscribing to The Red Box, you can be sure to be among the first to see everything we provide, just as soon as it’s available.


Four Reasons to Sign Up for the Red Box Choral Club

  1. Special Savings: Join the club now, and you’ll get a special one-time-only discount of an additional 10% off your first order!
  2. Free: Join the club for $80, and you’ll get a voucher for $80 to use on new Lifeway Worship music. Basically, free!
  3. New: Join the club, and you’ll be the first to get all of Lifeway Worship’s new music!
  4. Exclusive: Join the club, and you’ll get exclusive discounts on music, church supplies, and other resources for your church.

Features of the Red Box


  • Take advantage of volume discounts up to 30% off new music
  • Receive an $80 coupon towards new music
  • Get copies of all NEW Musicals, Collections, and Anthems delivered
  • Choose from a wide variety of products for every musical need in your church
  • Receive a new $80 coupon every year when you renew your subscription
  • Order any publisher’s products by calling 800.436.3869
  • Review full-length .pdf and audio samples of all Lifeway Worship music at
  • Delivery of the latest product and event news via the Inside the Red Box Brochure
  • Get exclusive discounts on music, church supplies, and other resources for your church

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