17 Ways to Rest, Relax, and Recharge

As ministry leaders, it’s a challenge to balance work and rest. It’s easier for some than others. For type A’s who tend to be workaholics it’s much harder. At a recent gathering of women’s ministry leaders all types of women were represented and we shared how to strive toward a healthy balance.

We don’t always manage it perfectly, but here are some ways we take care of ourselves so we can serve as faithfully and diligently as God asks. Remember: Our goal is to be productive not just BUSY (Bound Under Satan’s Yoke).

1. Take a Sabbath every week. If Sunday is a “work” day for you, take another day as your day of rest.

2. Take a nap! Find the time. You need it.

3. Set aside time to rest after a major event, project, or training time. Work hard, then rest well!

4. Learn to sleep even when things aren’t finished.

5. Know yourself. Watch for indicators that you need to rest. Be aware of your breaking points.

6. If you get a day off, TAKE it! And don’t check your email.

7. Disconnect when you go home from a long day. Shut off your phone. Don’t log on to your email.

8. Engage with nature — get outside! Take a walk in a local park or go for a drive in the country. Enjoy an outdoor picnic with your family.

9. Take a break from people when you need it. Enjoy the silence. Hear from God.

10. Read a book, such as Christian fiction, for enjoyment.

11. Do crossword puzzles or Sudoku, or play video games or board games — anything that helps you relax and “check out” of work and leadership temporarily.

12. Take a relaxing vacation with no decisions to be made — not even where to eat! Doesn’t a week at the beach sound nice?


13. Serve until you’re tired but not weary. Listen to God. Ask, “What is He calling me to do?”

14. Get enough physical exercise. Let go of your stress.

15. Do something that is not ministry or work related. Embrace a change of pace.

16. Start a new hobby. Or revisit an old one.

17. Take a quarterly retreat for spiritual enrichment, setting aside time to pray and refocus. Turn your phone off. Share what God taught you with those who serve alongside you.

What are you doing to make sure you rest in the midst of demanding ministry? Share your ideas in the comments.