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We all know it's true. That's why we do group Bible studies in our churches. But in the busy day-to-day of ministry, it is essential we continue to prioritize these groups to ensure every kid, student, and adult is on a lifelong path of discipleship.

Bible Studies for Life is designed to help people in groups connect God's Word to their lives in an intentional way. Every session is built on an all-new, research-backed discipleship plan that wisely helps Adults, Students, and Kids:

  • Know God's Word through trustworthy Bible study content
  • Create biblical community through engaging and conversational group studies
  • Engage culture missionally by unpacking what the Bible says about real-life issues

READ MORE about our intentional discipleship plan for Kids, Students, and Adults.

"Bible Studies for Life has helped and challenged us to be much more aware of what the Bible has called us to do."

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Year One

Fall 2016

  • Preschool: God Made the World, God Loves My Family, Do What God Says
  • Kids: God's Amazing World, We Are Family, Following Directions
  • Students: True Story, Unstoppable Gospel
  • Adults: Unvarnished Truth: Life's Greatest Story, Unstoppable Gospel

Winter 2017

  • Preschool + Kids: Jesus Was Born, God's Amazing Power, Do What God Says
  • Students + Adults: Spoken: The Rhythm of God's Word, Fuller Life: Understanding Real Joy

Spring 2017

  • Preschool + Kids: Jesus Taught Me How to Live, Jesus Is Alive!, Learning About Church
  • Students: For The Win, Identity
  • Adults: Victory, Identity: My Life of Faith

Summer 2017

  • Preschool + Kids: Telling Others About Jesus, Being on Mission, Following God's Plan
  • Students: Relationship Status, Reclaimed
  • Adults: Real Relationships, Broken Vessels: How God Uses Imperfect People

Year Two

Fall 2017

  • Preschool + Kids: From the Start, Love and Obey God, God Will Help Me
  • Students + Adults: The Dark Side, Second Nature: Choosing Christ-Centered Living in a Self-Centered World

Winter 2018

  • Preschool + Kids: Celebrate Jesus' Birth, The Bible is True, Jesus Loves Us
  • Students + Adults: Jesus Changes Everything, Made for Something More

Spring 2018

  • Preschool + Kids: Know Jesus, Jesus Is Alive, Trust Jesus
  • Students + Adults: God Is …, Stand Up: How to Fight Injustice

Summer 2018

  • Preschool + Kids: Help Others, Learn and Tell, God Loves the World
  • Students + Adults: Why Are We Here?, Nehemiah: Building a Life of Service

Year Three

Fall 2018

  • Preschool + Kids: God Created the World, Loving My Family, Worship God at Church
  • Students + Adults: He Said What? Hard Sayings of Jesus, How to Pray

Winter 2019

  • Preschool + Kids: Jesus Was Born, The Bible is My Guide, Talk to God
  • Students + Adults: Backstory, Culture Shock

Spring 2019

  • Preschool + Kids: Jesus, My Example, Jesus Is Alive, God Helps Me
  • Students + Adults: Extraordinary, Flipped: How Heaven Thinks

Summer 2019

  • Preschool + Kids: Go and Tell, Learn About Jesus, Work Together
  • Students + Adults: Risk: The Reality of Following God, Profile: What's My Story?


Leader Training for Everyday Discipleship

Get free video training on how discipleship happens in and through everyday life. Included with each video is a discussion guide to facilitate discussion with your group leaders and volunteers. Choose an age level below to get started.

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Bible Studies for Life - Spanish

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Bible Studies for Life is also available in Spanish. Click below to learn more.

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